DM/RP-419/429: wrong spot, wrong reference given or both?

Hi all,
I worked the activator DL2XL/P today on 40m CW, but he was weak and I didn’t manage to copy him when he passed his SOTA reference and I had limited time to remain QRV on the band, so I had to rely on the SOTAwatch information.
These 3 spots showed up on SOTAwatch today.
Either the first spot was wrong or the second and third ones were wrong.
I tried to log my contact with the reference DM/RP-419 but my logging program SAISIE SOTA told me there was an error. Then I tried to log it with the reference DM/RP-429 and SAISIE SOTA said again there was an error.
Now I look at the summits info in the database and I see neither of these references exist.

I fear this might be a border summit and it has a different reference now or it’s not a SOTA anymore but the activator didn’t know it.

Can anybody, please, give us some light on this?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Guru,
I was going to check whether DL2XL may have posted an alert for the activation - which would have clarified which summit he expected to be on. Unfortunately it looks like SOTAWatch has a problem at the moment as I get

“Sorry, SOTAwatch (page#110) encountered a problem (Error: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (111)). Please click here to return to the home page.”

when I try to access it. Perhaps when it comes back, that could help you to clarify the summit (that’s if Sotawatch2 lets you look at previous alert entries - SOTAWatch3 - which is still working - doesn’t it appears).?

73 Ed.


Ah, I see! - thank you Hans.

Actually to be more correct, the new (still in test) system is still reporting on the data as it was last night - so it cannot show any new spots as none are getting in it seems.

DM/RP-419 and 429 both expired on March 1st. 2016. Perhaps Heinrich didn’t realise this (whichever of the two summits he was on).

73 Ed.

By the way - I think the summit reference used was 429 as the spot entry with 419 in it, Mariusz states he’s not sure he got the reference correct.

You’ll also see from the upper spots in the graphic from S52CU and F5JKK - they say the summit (DM/RP-429) is no longer part of SOTA.

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[quote=“DD5LP, post:6, topic:18435”]

SOTAWatch3 - which is still working

The system appears not to be handling the referenced quotes correctly…

Thanks Ed for the info.
I had not seen the comments in each spot as I usually see a reduced version which lets me see more spots in one page.
It seems clear to me that it wasn’t a SOTA what I contacted yesterday when I had my QSO DL2XL.


Karl has just replied in a new thread Wrong Reference DM/RP-429 he was actually on DM/RP-329 not 429 or 419!

73 Ed.

OK, great! so it was indeed a SOTA contact.
Thanks for letting me know by responding to me here because I had not seen Karl’s thread informing of the correct reference.
73 Ed,