My second SOTA activation: Ziegenhelle DM/NW-185. After 1 hour in rain and snow with temperature near 0°C I was no longer able to concentrate on the calling stations, didn’t feel my fingertips any longer and had difficulties to use the paddle. So I apologize that I couldn’t answer to many calling stations.
But I will go on with SOTA, perhaps next time with gloves.
73 Volker DK2MT

In reply to DK2MT:
I like to use gloves with free tips on finger I and II - sold for sailing and many other purposes. They give good protection and good sensibility for keying.
Hope to meet you soon - 73, Martin df3mc

In reply to DK2MT:

I suggest that you try pocket handwarmers, take a break while using handwarmers and you could probably go on for longer. They are quite cheap and work well.


Brian G8ADD