DM/NS+SA: activations in JO51 by Kai, DL3HAH/p and Tom, DL1HBT/p on Apr 14 thru 16, 2023

Kai, DL3HAH and I will be airing several summits in eastern Lower Saxony area from Apr 14 thru 16, 2023 running QRP on 40/30/20m CW. Rig: IC-705/w 10 watts, EFRW. We will be visiting the following summits, weather permitting (at least four of them!):

  • DM/SA-001, Brocken (10 pts)
  • DM/NS-001, Wurmberg (10 pts)
  • DM/NS-008, Schalke (8 pts)
  • DM/NS-111, Aschentalshalbe (6 pts)
  • DM/NS-115, Ecksberg (4 pts)

Check or SOTAwatch for DL3HAH/P and DL1HBT/p
NB: Our base camp will be in Clausthal-Zellerfeld
vy73/55, Tom (DL1HBT)