DM/NS-129: Noctilucent clouds

The past days, a phenomenon which correlates with the E-s season, the Noctilucent clouds, has been reported from all over the northern hemisphere. The weatherforecast promised clear skies to the north and so I decided to make a late night activation hoping to see these clouds that are often confused with visible aurora.

I chose DM/NS-129 Ebersnacken (460 m asl) because of the brilliant view and the 26 m high outlook tower which took my ‘5 Elli’ (DK7ZB 28 Ohm design) well 30 m above ground. The first QSO came to log at 1828z. Condx were slightly enhanced, but due to Saturday night 8:30 pm local, the 144 MHz band was’nt too crowded. 11 contacts were made, including a portable 2 portable QSO with DL4AAI.
ODX: OE5XBL JN68PC 504 km.

In the sunset and from a distance, the Grohnde nuclear power plant looks so friendly and peaceful. But that’s another discussion. Shortly after sunset the show began. A wall of coloured clouds high up in the sky. Amazing!