DM/NS-008, -111 and -115 activation by DL3HAH and DL1HBT on Aug 15/16, 2020

Kai (DL3HAH) and Tom (DL1HBT) are heading towards summits Schalke (DM/NS-008), Aschentalshalbe (DM/NS-111) and Ecksberg (DM/NS-115) on Saturday Aug 15 and Sunday, Aug 16 and are supposed to operate on 20-40m/CW. Kai will be using a mcHF, Tom will be using an ALT-512. Both will be running LiPo/LiFe-powered 10 watts to wire antennas. The decision which summit will be visited first will be made on Saturday morning in our base camp in Hahnenklee-Bockswiese :wink:
Operation will take place simultaniously. Check SOTAwatch for DL3HAH/p and DL1HBT/p