DM new summits (Piekberg 161 m, Tempelberg 107 m), who takes care?

Dear all,

I was following the DM issue on the side and now it became a problem for me.
As I am traveling to DM end of May, I had suggestions for the two new summit in an area where there are none at all.

After contacting Michael Multer, he told me he is just not in charge any more for DM. So I contacted Jim, G0CQK as the general Summit Manager, but no reply since middle of April.

Would be really nice, if at least one summit could be registered for the Island Ruegen in NorthEastern Germany.
The two I am suggesting are the following ones:

  1. Piekberg 161 m
    54° 33’ 12" N, 13° 37’ 41" O
    54.553333, 13.628056
    Der Piekberg, ein „versteckter“ Berg
  2. Tempelberg 107 m
    54°22’51.4"N, 13°37’38.3"E
    54.380933, 13.627313
    Jagdschloss Granitz – Wikipedia

Let me know how I can help.

73 de PA7T, Clemens

It looks like Piekberg will be added at some point, but Tempelberg (and several other unlisted P100 summits in the north) will not be included as the Association will change to all P150 at some point. Unfortunately the end of May is impracticable - May 2016 is more likely!


ok. I understand that P150 is an important goal, but what is so complicated to add Piekberg, 161m in that case?

Clemens, you ask a straightforward question as to why one summit cannot be added. Well the team are currently reviewing some 10000+ summits for a new association along with some other updates which were scheduled. The team have no time to add one summit now with so many other associations being worked upon. If we had more resource we could do more in a shorter amount of time.

Dear Andy,

I was not aware of the review. As you probably can guess, I have little insight in the administrative difficulties and burdens of SOTA. Here I want to say thanks for all of you!

The straight forward questions was phrased in the assumption, that adding a summit is a simple copy and paste action. Adding 10k+ summits is another level and dictates for sure some batch processing, I now understand.

Cheers, Clemens

Thanks for your understanding Clemens. If it was one or two then it would be simple to amend/review/add summits. But as you see, 1000’s of summits is different.