DM/HE: activations in JO41 by Kai, DL3HAH/p and Tom, DL1HBT/p Apr 29 - May 2, 2022

Kai, DL3HAH and I will be airing several summits in Hessen south of Edersee from Apr 29 thru May 2, 2022 running QRP on 40/30/20m CW. Rigs: IC-705 or Xiegu X6100, EFHW or vertical. We will be visiting the following summits, weather permitting:

DM/HE-029, Hohes Lohr - 657m, 6 points
DM/HE-047, Auenberg - 611m, 6 points
DM/HE-088, Homberg - 528m, 4 points
DM/HE-568, Wolfschur - 488m, 4 points
DM/HE-043, Traddelkopf - 626m, 6 points
DM/HE-517, Dicker Kopf - 615m, 6 points
DM/HE-023, Wüstegarten - 675m, 6 points
DM/HE-064, Jeust - 583m, 4 points

Check SOTAwatch for DL3HAH/P and DL1HBT/p
NB: Our base camp will be in Bad Wildungen. vy73/55, Tom (DL1HBT)


Hi Tom,
This should definitely be a nice tour!. When you take the IC-705 with you, I trust that you will also have an antenna for 2 m. Most times, there are a few local OMs available for a direct 2 m FM QSO who can be helpful with hints on tracks, sights worth seeing and recommend a pub or restaurant for the evening. :wink:
Good luck with your activations, 73 Peter, DO4TE


Hi Peter, fair enough and yes, I will take my Yaesu VX-6E duo-band-handheld 2m/70cm with me. tnx for your hint! vy73/55, Tom