"DM/HE 2016 SOTA Tour" Report & Pics

Performed on the first two days of March around the city of Frankfurt am Main in DL, being there free of duties for both days. A great occasion to know better the beautiful landscapes of the region around Frankfurt.
First day (01.03.2016) begins on DM/HE-003 with weak propagation on 20m but with beautiful weather. The second summit DM/HE-045 convinces me that I need to move from 20m to 40m due to the lack of chasers. I’ve learned that being in the middle of Europe is something completely different from the reality in YO, where you’re in a corner of Europe and you could work well all the Western Europe on 20m. BUT very glad to have AC1Z in my log, worked with 20W and an Inverted L antenna. The weather remains beautiful for the rest of the day, allowing me to work a lot of chasers in 40m and putting in my log also VE1WT on 20m from DM/HE-547. How easy is to work NA from DL, hi!
The second day (02.03.2016) begins with a horrible weather. On DM/HE-053 I was under attack of an ice storm with +2 deg. Celsius, strong wind and almost horrizontal ice rain. Lucky me that I’ve found a covered shelter on the summit, giving me the occasion to work somehow this summit, but in very difficult conditions. All the equipment was completely wet after, but the SGC-2020 transceiver and the LDG Z-100 tuner are really survivors: nothing bad happened with them. The weather remains dark and ugly at the second summit DM/HE-102, but at least the rain stopped. I worked all day only on 40m, there was no conditions for “smart things” like DX-ing. Beginning with the third summit of the day DM/HE-484 the sky begins to clear and I have reasonable weather for the rest of the day. The last summit in the afternoon was DM/HE-068 with a nice big pile-up on 40m SSB.
Tnx everyone in frequency that helps me doing this tour, with a special mention to Mike G6TUH, a great help like always. And VIEL DANK DEUTSCHLAND!
2 days, 7 summits and 38 SOTA points - these are the numbers of this tour. Pictures from all the summits are available here: http://share.pho.to/A3af5