DM/HE-003 Wed 2nd July

Just a note to let people know that we activated the Grosser Feldberg on the way home from DM/BW land yesterday. We didnt alert as such but made a verbal "contract" on air that wed try. Between Stuttgart & the Frankfurt area the car thermometer was hovering between 98f - 104f (36.5C - 40C).
Anyway, once on the hill I found a great spot facing the UK & called until blue in the face on 7.090 with nothing at all, a QSY to 20m brought 10 stations from all directions with a couple of UK on Es (Newcastle & Scotland) Unfortunately no known SOTA chasers in the log. Never mind - a superb view from up there and some very interesting motor bikes, trikes & quads to look at. I gather Mike had a torrid time on CW as well - his face told all - so I didn`t ask. Can we have a summer bonus?
Steve DL/G1INK/P.

ps - mega storms on way back, traffic jams & 4 hour wait for next train through tunnel. Back at work 1/2 day late - good job the boss is on holiday :wink:

You deserve all the bonus points you can get, Steve. Thank you for a great expedition. Pity Mike was not well and I wish him a quick recovery.

Next time you cross the pont you will have to pass through Belgium.