DM/BW193 - wrong spot

Today, towards the end of the activation of DM/BW-193, already the first Spot for BW-156 appeared.
The wrong spot is highlighted in the screenshot below.

If in doubts: I was QRV on BW-193 from 10:55 utc to 12:10 utc.

Thanks to @DM3FAM for the heads up!


Thanks for the QSOs!
73, Roman


The problem is the way you alerted and that misled RBNhole.

You can fix this by changing how you specify close together alerts by specifying time windows, or use wildcards or ask RBNhole not to spot you. A small change in alerting style will fix the problem for all the chasers.

From RBNHole | VK3ARR's SOTA Blog

But I’m doing multiple summits, how will RBNHole know which one?

RBNHole isn’t psychic; it’s just a pretty good guesser. You will be spotted if you are within the time window for your alert (-1/+3 hours), and if there are more than one alert that you’re within the window for, RBNHole will choose the one closest to your original alerted time.

Moral of the story, RBNHole will generally get it right, but when it doesn’t, it’s up to you to send a reference to the chasers. Someone will spot you on the right summit eventually.

I may be more than 3 hours late, or even a few hours early, can I alter the alert window?

Of course, you can use the syntax “S+XX” or “S-XX” in your alert comment to move the end or start of the window respectively. XX is the time in hours from the original alert time you want the window to start. Eg, S-3 S+12 in the comments of an alert at 0400 UTC would spot someone between 0100 UTC and 1600 UTC.

This sounds too hard, can I tell RBNHole to ignore me?

Yes. Put either RBNN, NoRBNGate or NoRBNHole in the comments section of the alert. If you want this to persist, you can email me, or contact me via the reflector, or contact via the SOTA MT contact form on and I can permanently exclude you from RBNHole spotting.


… thanks for the hint. Usually it works quite well but today was a very narrow timing and I was a bit behind my schedule.
I’m the one to blame - mea culpa!

Hello Roman.

Thank you also for the qsos👍 See you next time.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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