DM/BW summits all expire on 1 Feb 2016?

I just noticed that, according to listings on, all the summits in DM/BW will “expire” on 1 Feb 2016. (To be honest, I didn’t check every single one of the 153 BW summits, but a random sampling gave these results.) In contrast, the DM ARM on the SOTA website (Issue No 4.3, 1 June 2011) has a blank in the column “Valid to” for all currently valid summits.

So, I’m just curious what is going to happen to all the DM/BW summits at the end of next January…?

Hi Paul,

Maybe a look at this LENGTHY thread p100/p150 might answer your question. I gave up following it as I had better things to do with my day.

73 Neil

So the P150 takes place on 1st feb 2016 then.
If this the case we still have few months at the P100 .
If so, can see a lot of German summits being on air prior to then.

If am correct in what am saying, this be correct.


Hi Karl,

I suspect you are right. But if that is the case, will we know in advance which summits will be deleted and which summits will remain valid?

I cannot see where it says this.

Could you please give a more exact link to the statement that they “will expire”.

Walt (G3NYY)

Walt, It is in the summitslist.csv file.

73 Neil

Hi Walt,
look on summit > history

I also lose my favourite summit Üetliberg HB/ZH-009 at 31/05/2015.

Have a nice sunday :slight_smile:
Fritz HB9CSA

Hi Walt,

I’m puzzled too
Ive checked history on the first summit of all the DM areas
and they all appear to have an expiry date of 1 Feb 2016.
Is this because there is a review taking place of all the DM
areas due to the prominence issue, or is there more to it?

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

Hello Dave,
Germany was issued by MT with a choice (see P100/P150 which is now closed but can still be read if you have a couple of hours but Ctrl + F search DB7MM will take you to the relevant parts) I understand that other Associations are in the same position. I suppose it is a question of waiting to see what happens.
Cheers from sunny East Sussex.

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There appear to be a number of summits in Spain that expired on 31st January 2015, along with one in Canada, and in Switzerland with expiry dates of 28th February and 31st May 2015.

I guess these are all ones that now fail under the P150 rule?

These summits are still available for activators but now have just one reference rather than two with double points scoring opportunities. Our HB colleagues negotiated with other AMs, these border summits and they resolved them to have just one reference. HB gave up some and will keep others which as we process the updates, the other AMs have given up.

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Does this mean that also summit above 150p will expire? Essentially the whole association is declared “bankrupt”?

Personally, I’m still not sure that I’m happy with what has happened in Germany with their SOTA summits, but I’m just a single person, so I have a choice.

A) work German SOTA stations on the new list or
B) Don’t work German SOTA stations on the new list.

Option A suggests that I agree with the rules but option B excludes people who are working the P150 summits who had no reason to know about, or even agree with, the P150 rule.

Given my current scores as activator or chaser, I doubt that the MT will loose any sleep, to be honest.

You can work both, as I’ve said there’s no reason to hurt activators or chasers over this so I’d be happy to provide both references for a summit if that’s an issue - as well as Flora Fauna reference or Maidenhead grid reference information for example. I’d probably use a more general CQ call as well.

Thanks for the info, Fritz (and others).

At last I’ve found it. It is the final “Scoring History Date”. I didn’t realise this was an “expiry date”. The meaning of the term “Scoring History” is not at all clear.

Walt (G3NYY)

From what I am led to believe all German summits will be turned off in Feb 2016 if they will not play to the rules of 150 m .They are refusing to change it and work to the rules of all other countries Geoff G6MZX

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It’s a shame.

In my opinion, every such insensitive rigid “rule improvement” makes SOTA worse at least for tours on foot (or on skis), thus slowly becoming motor sport and motor tourism in some countries otherwise mountainous.
We are often said “rule is the rule” and it almost reminds me a futile struggle with certain rigidly and absurdly unifying rules of the EU.

The operation was very successful, the number of activations decreased by XX percent.
However, better than thinking in this way is to go out into the hills, perhaps not too far!