Dm/bw-370 1/7/08

It has been a long awaited milestone for me to bag a first time unique summit activation, but I managed this today on DM/BW-370, which is just 500 metres away from our apartment. I had a lift from Steve to the parking spot, which left just 200 metres to walk to the activation zone. The activation was a short one with 26 QSOs made, 15 on 40m including a S2S with DL/G1INK/P on BW-148 and 11 on 30m. The walk back was a killer in 30c+ temperatures, but a hot shower awaited.

To Nigel 2E0NHM, I did call on 40m ssb but my 5 watts simply was not enough to do the job and INKY was the only contact, probably groundwave.

To Roy G4SSH, I got your report through the QSB Roy and you are in the log, thanks for your support.

Thanks to all chasers worked and to DL2DXA and G4OBK for the spots.

Now, to the fridge full of ice cold wheat beer, hi.



P.S. No more summits from me today, but probably 2 X 10 point summits tomorrow.

In reply to GW0DSP:
Hello Mike
Nice to see you again on the summits. Tnx for the Points.
How long will you stay in germany??
Hope to here you tomorrow again.
I think you take the right medicine (Beer) for your back:-))

best 73 de Tom

In reply to DL1DVE:

Hi Tom

Nice to work you again today from Stallberg DM/BW-370 and some points repaid to you, hi.

We leave Germany tomorrow, Wednesday, but will maybe do a couple of summits on the way back to The Channel Tunnel. We will not arrive back home until Thursday morning.

I think the beer and wine has helped, I think I will have another wheat beer right now, hi. I will return to this beautiful country next year if all goes to plan.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike,
glad to hear you are feel much better and you managed the first activation of Stallberg. I do not know why I do not take my FT-817 with me. Sitting in the hotel in Finspang 30km north of Norrköping and have time now. However, enjoy the wheat beer and the evening. Here also sunshine, partly clouds and 23°C. Now I also want to have a drink.

73’s, Ralf SM/DH3IAJ

In reply to DH3IAJ:

Hi Ralf

I hope you hads a good journey to Finspang and yes, you should have taken your 817 for chasing. It is very hot again here in South Germany, approx 30c or more today. Enjoy your trip and have a beer for me.


In reply to GW0DSP

Hi Mike

Congratulations on getting your name forever inscribed on a mountainside in Germany !

Thanks for the unique points. Conditions were very much down today with heavy QRN/QSB on 40m. Fortunately 30m was slightly better.

Enjoy the rest of the break.


In reply to GW0DSP:


Sorry to be a pedant but shouln’t that be DL/G0DSP? Otherwise it says you are in Germany and Wales at the same time!

Glad to see your back is a little better Mike. Nothing worse than being indisposed when on holiday. I hope the long drive back doesn’t make your back any worse and that you can activate a few more on the way home.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy

My callsign as issued and printed on my licence is GW0DSP and not G0DSP hence when I activate or post on here I use DL/GW0DSP. I am a Welsh op in Germany.

Any one out there that can confirm if I am doing it right or wrong?

Tha back is a lot better today Andy, thanks and although I lost 3 days it has been a terrific holiday.

We plan a couple of summits for the journey home but the way Steve is going it could be more because we have time to kill between leaving the accomodation and our booking in time for Eurotunnel.


Mike DL/GW0DSP (I think)

In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,
glad you’re back to the summits.
I hope we can meet next year in FN.
For tomorrow I wish you a save trip back home.
Keep Inky away from “Apfelwein” on Grosser Feldberg
(DM/HE-003) if you manage to activate it :slight_smile:

Vy73 de Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

In reply to GW0DSP:


You are correct. When operating from a CEPT country you use the current prefix of the host country followed by the callsign printed on your licence.


In reply to HB9CSA:
Hi Fritz

It was a bad day when I had to miss F/hafen, so many people I wanted to meet there, but no point to dwell on it, also on Sunday I had to miss the joint activations with Ralf and Klaus. No matter, I will be back next year, there is so much of Germany that I want to see. I sent you an email just to say thanks for your good wishes on Ralfs video camera, thanks again for that.

Thanks Roy, I thought I was signing correctly but always best to check.


In reply to GW0DSP:

Many tnx for all Mike,
we’ll sure meet somehow/somewhere.
Tomorrow I would like to activate
something in HB9, but wx-forecast
and qrn on the bands doesnt looks to
good :frowning:

Vy73 es all the best from Fritz

In reply to G4SSH:

You are correct. When operating from a CEPT country you use the
current prefix of the host country followed by the callsign printed on
your licence.


Unless the host country specifies something different, in which case their rules prevail.