DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg today

Nice pre show session this morning. 20 QSOs in 30 mins on 20 and 40m. This time I found the actual top. Nice big rock to sit on.

73 Phil


Nice work Phil. We didn’t go to the top last year - there were activators all over the AZ.
BTW: Been listening out for you but nothing heard yet.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

Thanks for the qso, Phil!


What kind of antenna do you use?

73, Tonnie

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Hi Tonnie

Home made link dipole 20-30-40 as inverted vee on 5m pole. No tuner required 8 watts from KX2. I never tried end feds, no reason to. You could say I was a non-believer! But I know many are successful with the end fed aerials.

73 Phil from the show