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DM/BW-165 and BW-166


thanks to all chasers working me that day on the “Kapf” DM/BW-165 and “Fohrenbühl” DM/BW-166. On the “Kapf” the conditions have been extremly good on 40m and 20m. All time strong signals from everywhere. Glad about the s2s contacts there with G1INK/p and 2E0HJD/p (NP-008), M0SGB/p and G0VWP/p (TW-004) and DF2GN/p (BW-161). On the “Fohrenbühl” the conditions of the bands have been not bad, unfortunately I had a lot of QRM of other stations. The worst was the army of bloodsucker around me. All the time I had to beat against the mosquitos sitting on the body. They celebrate a big party with me and I spent the drings. So after one our I stopped the activity there and left the place in a hurry. At least around 75 contacts on both summits, was a big fun. Took a big battery with me, FT-857D 100 watts and a homebrew shorted double zepp (2x 12.5m and 12.5m feeder line).

Thanks to all chasers calling me! See you on another summit.

73’s, Ralf DH3IAJ

In reply to DH3IAJ:
hi Ralf,
good to see u are at home agn. thanks nice s2s with dm/bw-165 . no problems here with moskitos, therefore with many hungry horseflys ( outsch ). but after a half tube of autan they gone away. today i builded a 197feet longwire in NW/SO direction and the normal 5 to 12wtts . on Bw-161 today i have 95 chasers in the log, but i think i had luck with the good propagation on 20m and a big pile-up on 30m in the beginning. all in all a ufb activation with many chasers :wink: and a few s2s .

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DH3IAJ:
Hi Ralf; Nice to have worked you today from TW-004 Bishops Wilton, Hope you had a nice day like i had, I was doing the backpackers contest on 144mhz, and Terry (g0vwp) was doing HF; so everytime we had a S2S we shouted each other so we could make the qso and get the points, The day started off fine sunny weather then rained then fabulas sun shine again,
In total i think we had 9 S2S’s = 47 points, sorry we only gave away one point next time we will be on a big summit,
Thanks to all we worked on HF ssb…
Stewve m0sgb

Hi Ralf and Klaus

Thanks for the contacts today, I had to pour a bucket of water over my IC-7400 front end after working the two of you today, your sigs were so strong.

FB job.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP