DM/BW-001 - Feldberg / Friday 13th

Hi all,

Last year i went to the Feldberg in august but i had to go back on arrival because my father’s condition, who was sick, deteriorated.

This morning i was back on the Feldberg but on starting of operation a site manager passed by and asked me for an permit for erecting antennes. I explained to him i only would stay for about an hour but this didn’t confince him to let me operate for a short period on this mountain.
For far as i know an extra permit is not needed for short period operations but maybe other activators of this mountain can enlighten me on this.

Conclusion is that the Feldberg is just not my mountain and bringing me bad luck.

Luckely i managed to activate DM/BW-015 in the afternoon so not all day was lost.

Maybe I should avoid friday the 13th next time :wink:

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Hello Pascal, I was Monday up on the Feldberg, there were many people on the way, one looked so stupid, was gone after 30 minutes.

73 from IN3ADF markus

I do not know about any requirement for a permit to operate on Feldberg. Generally I have never heard about a summit, accessible to the public, which would require such a permit.
I wonder of which authority this “site manager” was. Did he show some duty pass (Dienstausweis in German)? Did he give any reason or legal justification?

Generally in such cases I recommend asking for the duty pass (Dienstausweis) and the legal justification.

Btw: Only once on former DM/TH-470 a warden of a lookout tower wanted to drive me away. I was far away from the lookout tower sitting on a bench. I told him in a quite harsh tone, I am allowed to operate where I like and showed him my amateur radio license. Impressed by the official document he immediately switched to a more friendly tone and gave up driving me away.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your response.
I didn’t ask for his duty pass, but as he was driving around in a low car on the mountain top and passing no-go areas i assumed his credentials would be ok.
Thanks on the hint for the duty-pass I will ask for next time.
Because I had my family with me I kept the discussion as short as possible and decided to abort the activation.
Also i do not want to getting people annoyed by my operation, at the end I am still a guest on the
But it is a good hint for coming activators of this summit to ask this man for his duty pass and legal credentials if he tries to stop them from activation this summit.
Then we at least know who we are dealing with.

Oh, and yes I did show him my radio amateur license but he was not impessed by it.

Dr OM Pascal,
Had a similar experience a year ago in Germany on another summit. I was told by an angry looking ward that it was not allowed to make radio. I asked him about a mobile phone and explained him that this is also Radio. I had no mast but just my W3EDP wire in a tree. He asked me how I put the wire in the tree. I told him that we in Holland put a piece of lead at the end and he was gone.:grinning: