DL6WT/P yesterday

Can anyone confirm the summit Hans was on yesterday 11/10/07 ?
I got it as DM/BM-004 but I see Mike GW0DSP has it logged as DM/BW-004. It was a very noisy band and as you can see there is only one dit difference between the two.

Roger G4OWG

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Hi, Roger ,the German stns were using BM,although i didn’t wk him.73 Geoff

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Hi Roger

I’m glad you mentioned this contact. initially Hans signed it as DL/BW and if anybody was listening when I worked him, they will confirm that I asked for confirmation of the summit ref because it differed from the spots. Hans actually resent DL/BW followed by DM/BW, or so I thought. As you say the band was noisy and there is only one dit difference. We will have the check Hans log, or maybe if Hans reads this, he will confirm it for us.

73 Mike GW0DSP

P.S. I have checked a few others logs and it would appear that you are correct Roger, I have now altered my log entry to DM/BM.

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Looking back through my log I find that Juergen has always used DL/BM instead of DM/BM, possibly reflecting the position before Germany split into DL and DM regions.

As I write this he is on air still sending DL/BM-002. The correct version is DM/BM-002

73 Roy G4SSH

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Thanks chaps I’ll leave it as BM until I see Hans-Jurgen’s log :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

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Thanks Roy, I was starting to think I was losing the plot, hi, I was certain he had signed the ref as DL. Congrats again on your amazing achievement.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I have tried to explain to Juergen that DL is no longer valid for the SX region since 01/01/07, but not able to make him understand. He has been doing this for at least one year, so I guess we shall just have to replace DL with DM when we work him.


Same today, he was signing DL/BM-003 but confirmed his qth as Predigtstuhl
(must be DM/BM-003). So lets see what he does upload, probably he will
recognize his mistake.

Good Sota-hunting! Heinz,DL7RAG