DL6FBK/P Report to Activations on DM/BM,DM/SX and OK
I had to organize a hiking week in the Zittau Mountains(Zittauer Gebirge) for a hiking group
in the German Alpine Club(DAV).
Zittau is located in the border triangle of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.
I used this opportunity and the long drive there for some activations as described below.
I started on Sunday, June 21st and activated 3 mountains in Northern Bavaria aerea:
DM/BM-133 Bramberg 494m, DM/BM-361 Kulch 484m and DM/BM-330 Ob.Rot.Bühl

The plan is to go for the first night to Saxony aerea “Erzgebirge”Mountains.
On Monday June 22nd I activated: DM/SX-109, Steinberg 732m and DM/SX-002,
Auersberg 1018m.

After crossing the border still i activated OK/KA-006, Zajecihora 1009m and OK/KA-004,
Blatensky vrch 1042m. For the night I stay at town Bozi Dar.

Tuesday, June 23rd: I activated OK/KA-002 Bozidarsky Spicak 1115m, OK/KA-001
Klinovec and OK/KA-003 Meluzina, 1094m.

The next stage was the area of “Sächsische Schweiz”(=Saxon Switzerland, means aereas as
beautyful as in Switzerland!) and the following activations on Wednesday: DM/SX-045,
Papstein 451m; DM/SX-030, Großer Zschirnstein, 560m and DM/SX-030, Großer

For this evening I follow a invitation of Fred DL8DXL. We had a nice evening together.
Thursday, June 24th: Today Fred invited me for a tour together and he drives me to Lilienstein DM/SX-057 and then to Großer Picho, DM/SX-037.Here I am invited to the club evening of the amateur radio club S 22 (Club Call DP5V). The club-station is on the top of this summit. I meet nice people to exchange ideas about our common hobby. A big thank you to Fred! Many thanks also to the friends of the S 22
amateur radio club.
Friday, June 25th: The journey continues to the east and I activated
DM/SX-025 Valtenberg 586m, DM/SX-031 Czorneboh 555m and DM/SX-229, Kämpferberge.

Saturday, June 27th; Today it goes to the destination Oybin near Zittau.
On the way there I activate DM/SX-026, Kottmar 583m,DM/SX-019, Hochwald 744m and OK/LI-058, Hvozd.

Sunday, June 28th OK/LI-057, Luz 793m
and OK/US-025, Vyhlidka 710m
Monday, June 29 ; Before the hikinggroup arrives another activation: OK/LI-010 Jested 1012m
and visit to the city of Liberec.

For the drive home on sunday, July 5th. it is done, all mountains of DM / SX are activated.
The last one is DM/SX-085 Collm 312m.
*A big thank you to all the chasers, who accompanied me on this wonderful trip.
I hope to hear from you again in the next time!


So great Paul !
I’m sorry cosly I couldn’t follow you on all summits. Sometimes I have to work :wink:
73 QRO and thanks for QSO