DL3SBA makes DM/NW complete

So Lutz appeared on DM/NW-135, unless I’m very much mistaken, DL3SBA made his DM/NW region complete. He has activated all 107 references in North Rhine - Westfalia. Not bad at all. (Can anybody quickly discover a 108th NW summit, HI?)

Congratulations Lutz to another milestone! In the last four years you must have driven much more than 10.000 km, only to activate NW. Hope to see you now often farther south again.

73 Jörg

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Well done Lutz. I have enjoyed following you on each mountain peak, and using Google maps to see each location. Thank you and congratulations.

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Well done, Lutz, always nice to hear your voice!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Lutz congratulations on doing all the summits in the North Rhine. Always nice to work you, proper gentlemen.

73 de 2e0nhm

Congratulations Lutz on activating all the SOTA summits in DM/NW.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

de Jörg, DO1DJJ

Congratulations Lutz. You deserve a holiday to rest those sore legs.

Gene KC3RT

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Great acheivement Lutz! What`s next HE or RP regions? Nice to meet you on Nordhelle DM/NW-204 last year and look forward to our mini International SOTA meeting on DM/RP-445 for a beer in the Steinerberghaus this June.

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Well Done. Very well done indeed.

Congrats Lutz!

73, Peter - ON4UP

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Congrats Lutz :wink:

73 Jakob DK3CW

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Ich kann mich den Gratulationen nur anschließen und mich für die vielen Punkte bedanken.

73, Steffen

Hi Lutz,well done on another milestone.Tnx for all the contacts.

Well done, Lutz! 73

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Congrats Lutz for all your Activations in NW. Thanks for all the points and contacts we have made and perhaps we will meet us on a summit in the future.

73 de Norbert, DK9ES

Many congratulations Lutz,always great to work You,especialy when called back by name through a pileup.
73`s Bob G6ODU

Hallo Lutz, tolle Sache, die vielen “Besteigungen”! Leider hab ich ja nur einen Bruchteil miterlebt. Bis demnächst, hoffentlich Gipfel zu Gipfel!
(nicht “der Andere”)

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Hi all,

thank you very much for your friendly comments. Yes Jörg, NW-135 Köterberg was the last hill to complete activating the DM/NW region. It was a real pleasure for me - and dog Noah too - to climb the summits, activating and to see all the different countryside of the Sauerland with Rothaargebirge and Ebbegebirge, the Siebengebirge, Teutoburger Wald, Wiehengebirge, Eggegebirge, Lippisches Bergland and Bergisches Land.
Thank’s to the chasers for our QSO’s from the hills and a special thank’s for the s2s QSO’s! There are many summits to do in DM/RP, DM/HE and other regions and the most beautiful summits of DM/NW I will sometime visit again.
So stay tuned, I hope to meet you soon again.

73 Lutz DL3SBA

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Congratulations Lutz of activation all of the NW-summits. Thanks for all the contacts.

73 es cuagn
"Frank", DL2EF