DL0MZ-team on Tour

Dear SOTA-friends,

yesterday we have had the pleasure to get eighteen adults and four young children on tour hiking the Donnersberg forest. We have had a lot of fun, lots of contacts a beautiful sunshine and a superb BBQ afterwards. Everyone was telling: let’s do it again next year (as we did in the past three years)!

A good idea!? We should do so! Spend more time, with more members, with there families for this great hobby! Do you think we will do in 2009!?

Well, I am not sure about that. The new summit list is appearing soon, most of the entries in Rheinland-Pfalz will be deleted! We will have to go lots of miles to reach the next point of interest! I don’t think people will contribute this.

We have just started “a new little flower” of activity in our local club - thanks to SOTA-award-program! With next year rules-change this will be destroyed! What a mass. I am very sorry about that. I would prefer to leave it as it is now: more activity and active hams is much more important then acurate rules, just for the rules to have them.

Anyhow, we hope to meet you on the air again very soon!


Suitbert, DF2PI

In reply to DL4MFM:

… the Donnersberg meets the P100 criteria and should remain on the list …

Vy 73’s

Hartmut, DF6PW