DL/PA3FYG/p Thuringen activation

Thanks to all who worked me during my short trip.

I activated 11 summits ( 2x DM/HE, 9 DM/TH ) in 5 days including the travel to the hotel and back and worked 365 stations.
All on 40m ssb. These TH-summits are 793 - 983 m in height.

All DM/TH summits I activated are in DLFF areas, info follows. The logs will be uploaded.

Best one : DM/TH-099, working 78 OM’s in 34 min.
Nice one: S2S from DM/TH-012 <–> EI/ON4TA/p on EI/IW-058.

In all but one summits I got my first contact within 5-10 minutes, that is why I could make 3 summits/day on two days. Thanks to the spotters.

I one case I called for 20 minutes, without reaction on 7118, strange because I heard a lot of activity on the band. Found out that I was transmitting on twin-line feeder only. After knotting together hell broke loose again.

WX abt. 0 degrees, but always fog. Snow up to 40 cm. No wind.

This holiday I got 103 point, my total is now 895 points / 140 unique summits.

OM7OM worked me 10 out of 11 times, congratulations.

I made 4 times my first QSO on a summit with ON7KJW, thanks for listening so well.

Logs are uploaded.

Pictures will be on www.smitzeewolde.nl

73 de Hans DL/PA3FYG/P

In reply to PA3FYG:

Many thanks for all the high point summits, sorry I was not available to work you on all of them.

73 de Ken G3xqe

In reply to PA3FYG:
Hallo Hans, schade, daß die Bedingungen es nur zu einem Gipfel zuließen, und das war nur 33. Habe fast immer gelauert, aber nur die Gegenstationen gehört. Jedenfalls fein, daß Du mich auf DL/WS-058 am Freitag angerufen hast. War aber auch an der Grasnarbe. Bis zum nächsten mal!
73, Holger, OE7HPI