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DL/HB9BIN/P on DM/BW-018 must have RX problems

Juerg DL/HB9BIN/P is currently CQing from DM/BW-018 and he seems to have RX problems because there are several stations coming back to his persistent and unsuccessful CQing (includng myself) and he keeps CQing as whether nobody were responding.
As long as I have heard, he has just managed to copy one station and there are many responding to his CQ calls.
What a shame…
GL Juerg.


Hi Guru
I have a vy high noise level may be from wx or the communication hot spot hr!
I was able to QSO to N4EX and N4DA! QRX I will switch to an other KX3! The noise level is 599 plus 10dB on the second KX3!
73 DL/HB9BIN/p

Hi Juerg,
That’s exactly what I guessed. What a shame.
I hope you managed to quality the activation.