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Dl/al - dl/am today

Stopped for food and I have amended my alert times and refs for the rest of today to save RBN confusion etc.

If I have time to reach the lift up to DL/AM-060 Laber when it is open on my way back to Garmisch I will try to activate it. This will be late afternoon after around 90 mins from QRT on DL/AM-176.

Thanks for all QSOs so far especially the early risers this morning when I was on AM-177.

73 de Phil

PS Thanks to helpful tips gathered from DD5LP blog last night when planning tour! Thanks very much to Ed…

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Dr OM Phil,
Many thanks for the QSO’s this morning.
Talking about rain, I looked for Saturday in Friedrichshaven. There is in the forecast over 90 mm expected that day.
Hope to see you on Ham Radio.
73 de geert pa7zee

You’re welcome Phil. I wish I’d known earlier, I could have joined you on Peissenberg and perhaps some others.

Here you are on Laber - care of the webcam:

At least I think it’s you - very very cloudy!!


The clouds have cleared a little - this shot from the webcam is better I think:

Hello Phil
Thanks for summits so far.
Well done (and Ed for tips :wink: ).

He’s just broken my number of peaks in a day in DL - I had five, he’s just done SEVEN! I had another two that I had planned to fit in on the next multi-summit attempt making 7, looks like I’ll have to find another one (or 2), to keep the number rising.

Bagged him on 6 of the 7 summits - Rentschen DL/AL-176 missed (and if you look at the activator list on that summit, you’ll see why I “should” have got him there - it’s my try out changed equipment summit).

All in good fun - I’ll be waiting for better weather than Phil had as well!


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Hi Ed

I think you and Mike G6TUH had me on six out of seven. I had to send several repeat overs to several chasers who could not hear my QRP signal so well… it is usually the same guys every time. A few did not make it into the log despite repeated attempts. There has to be a limit on the schedule as to how many times you go back to a caller and there is silence.

I am too tired to enter my log tonight. but I want to prepare it so it can form part of my presentation at Friedrichshafen as an explanation of the importation of a data file into our fantastic SOTA database.

I don’t think any chaser worked me on all seven summits. I worked plenty of UK stations in CW and SSB

Yes, that was me captured on the hazy webcam. The latter picture must have been when I was untying my dipole from the tree above the windsock support as I can only see my rucksack on the bench. I got the last cable car down at 16.55 pm local time with the ladies who work in the cafe, saved my knees of over 2500 feet of descent I believe, so glad I could get it in time.

I enjoyed a dark Weiss Beer in a backstreet tavern in Oberammergau before returning to Garmisch. A good days work for me - 7 SOTA Completes, 168 QSOs with 198 minutes of operating time, about 2/3rds CW 1/3rd SSB. Many operators were late on parade…or I was a little early with the UK time difference. I only scraped 6 QSOs with five operators on the first early summit AM-177, which was hard work. The 2nd summit AM-178 I got rained on and was in fear of radio damage so I packed up after just 15 QSOs on 40m. Otherwise 20m, 30m 40m used on all other summits.

Most unusual contact was with LA4CIA/AM on 20m SSB who was captaining a Boeing 737 on the Portugal, and I made 9 S2S contacts throughout the day.

On the roads I see you also have white van man in Germany too… however the standard of driving otherwise I find to be excellent. I am driving a petrol Toyota Avensis Estate hire car this week.

Look forward to meeting you and lots of others such as Geert (Logged several times today - thanks for the FN weather forecast…despite gloomy - its best to know) at the show on Saturday.

Phil G4OBK

Can you provide a link to that forecast? I found a forecast of about 15-20mm.
Andrew VK1DA

Yes indeed Phil :sunglasses: . I get up about between 0530-0630 BST and I was listening to BBC Radio4 and having a coffee so was elsewhere on your first summit…should have checked before the coffee …oh well.

The beer sounds good and I suspect you may have another before returning home :wink:
Night night.

Dr OM Andrew,

That forecast was on http://www.eltiempo.es/friedrichshafen.html . Now the amount of expected rain is lower but it is changing almost by the hour.

73 de geert pa7zee

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I use http://www.weatherunderground.com for most non-UK weather searches.

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AccuWeather is another worldwide site. In Germany I have been looking at wetter.de

73 Phil

No copy here in OE5 - what a shame :sob:

See you all in Friedrichshafen!
73, Sylvia

Hello Sylvia!

Sorry there was no reception with OE5. I had a bad start on 40m from Zugspitz with restrictions due to the sheer number of people and trying to find a place to set up. Once I was QRV I had lots of questions and a few daft comments! I sited the inverted vee dipole along the balustrade railings which affected the matching on 40m, so I didn’t get out so well with a high SWR. On 30m and 20m there was no problem and I finished with 35 QSOs (9 SSB & 26 CW) over the 45 minutes of operation. Looking at the log I counted up - I have personally met 12 of the operators I logged. A few pictures from today, my lunch, the operator, the European flag flying on Zugspitz, Yaesu QRP station by the railings.

73 de Phil DL/G4OBK/P

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“come the revolution comrades”, the first up against the wall to be shot after the politicians will be the weather forecasters!! (:grinning:Just joking but their forecasts of late have also been a JOKE!). Talk about inaccurate …

Hence what comes at Friedrichshafen, comes - the whole area is covered - so no problem from rain, and air condtioned so protection from the, more likely, heat wave!

I like the bit about the European flag :grinning: - only two more days…

73 de Sylvia OE5YYN

Yes, fingers crossed it goes the way I want it to Sylvia …cannot reveal how I cast my postal vote last week as politics are not allowed on reflector…

73 / 88 Phil

Many moons ago, when I was in the army in (West) Germany, we used to visit the summit of the Zugspitze to get the stamp in our passports as there was a border crossing of sorts up there.