DK9JC/P: 100 points week in DM/BW + FL/VO 13.07.2020 - 19.07.2020

Due to COVID-19 we decided to stay in Germany and did some SOTA instead. Getting points is not so easy where I live, so I decided to speed things up a bit. We went around 3h by car from our home to the Blechenhotel ( which was our QTH for the whole week.

The hotel is a clear recommendation. I have seldom seen such nice owners and staff. Also the food is great if you book half-board. 4 courses during the week and 5 courses on saturdays.

2020-07-12 Kandel 1241m DM/BW-009 10 Points
We did this enroute. There was nothing left in the huge parking lot. It was full of people. It wasn’t pretty. At some point a bank became free a bit offside and we could do our QSO. 12 QSO on 40/20/2m within 1,5 hours. Kind of slow. EA2DT first caller. :slight_smile:
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

sadly no photo - quick run away from the people

2020-07-13 Belchen 1414m DM/BW-003 10 Points
After breakfast we went by feet up to the top. About 3,5km each way. Surely the best summit on the trip. I was there in 2016 already and wonder why I did not activate it every year. For the lazy ones there is a gondola to the top. 30 QSO in 2 hours on 2m FM, 17m SSB, 20m SSB, 40m SSB. With 12 QSO only on 17m that was the best band this day. Also nice were my 3 S2S only on 2m FM with my HT into HB9. (HB9CYX/P S2S HB/GL-032, HB15SOTA S2S HB/SG-051, HB9BQU/P S2S HB/SG-051).
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

Swiss Rega landed during my activation on top to rescue somebody.

2020-07-14 Schauinsland 1284m DM/BW-008 10 Points
Almost as crowded as Kandel. So many people. No space on top during noon. Better go early morning or very late on evenings. 9 QSO only on 2/20/17. No fun.
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

I did not climb the tower, too many people:

2020-07-15 Hochfirst 1190m DM/BW-015 10 Points
Nice and easy one. Drive-On an a great view. Almost no people due to light rain. 18 QSO on 2/40/20/17.
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

2020-07-15 Weisstannenhöhe 1190m DM/BW-014 10 Points
After lunch we did this one. The rain went worse and that was no fun at all. After we did the harder way on top we also chose the longer way back. So 7km walking in the rain. Also wet trees on a wooden summit attenuated the RF a lot. Only 7 QSO on 2/40/20m.
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

I will continue later with…

2020-07-16 Herzogenhorn 1415m
DM/BW-002 10 Points

Quick stop at Todtnauer Wasserfall (waterfall in English) (Todtnauer Wasserfall – Wikipedia) enroute.

The weather at the hotel was okay and it did not rain. Then we drove to the parking lot of the “Leistungstentrum” at 47.844443, 8.019990. From there it was only 1,6km to the top. On the way it was storming quite a lot and it was raining heavily. When we reached the top there was hardly anything to see in the fog. 23 QSO on 2/40/20/17. Had to go QRT when the 817 was completely wet. Will for sure do this one agn in better weather.
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

2020-07-17 Köhlgarten 1229m
DM/BW-010 10 Points
The way to the summit is not signposted. Without GPS you will certainly not reach the top. Long way through the forest and one really does not think that at the end of the mud there is a bench with a nice view. In the beginning everything was still in the fog. During the two hours of activation it cleared up and we had sunshine and nice view. About 2.5km per way. 38 QSO on 40/20/17/2m. FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

Still in the fog:

One hour later:

Strange to find spices inside:

2020-07-18 Belchen 1414m
DM/BW-003 10 Points
2nd actication this week for Belchen
6 QSO (4 into HB9, 2 S2S in HB9) all on 2m only HT FT-4XE 5W while meeting DL/ @IN3ADF /p

2020-07-18 Feldberg 1493m
DM/BW-001 10 Points
27QSO on 2/40/20/17m
FT-817, 5W, EFHW 20m wire.

2020-07-19 Blauen 1165m
DM/BW-018 10 Points
12 QSO 2m only. ODX 382km.
FT-817, first 5W then 20W PA, 4 ele DK7ZB PVC-tube yagi

2020-07-19 Le Champ du Feu 1098m
FL/VO-019 10 Points
Easy drive on enroute home 380km.
62 QSO on 40/20/15m and still callers but battery was empty.
FT-817, 44W QRO, MX-P50M chinese PA

tu for watching
73 de John, DK9JC


Hello John.

Congratulations to your 100 points tour and thank you for the QSOs.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Tu Marcel for all the nice QSOs (9 on 2/17/20m) during the trip and all the info. Weisstannenhöhe sucked and was not great at all. Herzogenhorn seems to be pretty nice in good weather but Köhlgarten was a lot nicer than expected on our way.

PS: I just added the 2nd half of the photos.

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Thanks for the nice report and the S2S from Blauen to Kalvarienberg DM/BM-345 on 2m SSB.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

That was with 5W only. Went back to the car later to pick up the small PA. Don’t forget the S2S from Feldberg on 40m. :muscle:

Hi John,
Thank you for the nice report and the nice pictures.
It was a complete success and congratulations. The distance from here was unfavorable, so no QSO.
73 ’

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Thank you, Paul. :grinning:

I did 60m before on summits, maybe I should do that agn. I never did 80 though. Maybe also worth a try. :thinking:

Glad you liked my playground :wink:

73 Armin

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Lucky you. :nerd_face: