DK7MG/P 07/11/2020: DL/AM-046 and DL/AM-048

Yesterday (07/11/2020) I set an alert for DL/AM-046 but indicated that I might be on DL/AM-048 later.
Therefore in the afternoon I was spotted with DL/AM-046 although I had already reached DL/AM-048.
So please correct your log:

  • all contacts before 10:30 UTC were from DL/AM-046 (Schellschlicht)
  • all contacts after 13:00 UTC were from DL/AM-048 (Schellkopf)

Andy DK7MG

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If you alert using wildcard for the summit and put the details in the comment, then RBNhole will spot your activation on the wildcard summit leaving chasers to spot the actual summit and this confusion/error over the summit will not happen.

i.e. alert for DL/AM-???

Thank you for the reminder, Andy