Distracting pictures overlaying the maps

Hi SMP Rob

Is there anyway that the small and large photos taken by people which are covering some of the SMP maps, can be hidden from view? For instance - the map of Northern Mallorca is so full of them that on my tablet it makes the summits hard to find.

73 Phil

Strange that, just rechecked and all the panoramio pictures that where there earlier tonight have gone. Now I can see the summits again!

73 Phil

Hi Phil,

In the SMP, the Panoramio layer is controlled by the “Panoramio” button-control at the top of the map area - when activated, the control-text is bold-enhanced.

The Panoramio photo-markers do not always appear on the map, however: even when the Panoramio control has been activated, the markers will appear only at map zoom levels 12 or above, which is where IMHO they are most relevant for SOTA purposes. A small control at bottom-left of the map area shows the map zoom level at all times.

So, if you’re bothered at any time by the Panoramio photo-markers, simply click the Panoramio control to deactivate the Panoramio layer. You might also like to try the other controls at the top of the map area to --ahem-- enhance the “SMP experience” :slight_smile:

Best regards, “SMP Rob”

Thanks Rob, my twitchy tablet finger - ahem - got the better of me yesterday and I must have clicked the Panoramio button. Thanks for the explanation of how the facility works.

73 Phil

Hi Rob,

Is there a way to turn off the shading of the region boxes? Past a certain zoom level, when the map is completely shaded unless you’re looking at an edge, they aren’t much help.

73, Rick M0LEP

Hi Rick,

Implemented! - the script now automatically displays shading for any particular Region box only when at least one border of that box is visible.

Phil,[quote]my twitchy tablet finger - ahem - got the better of me yesterday[/quote]tablet? - is that like those little pink things I have to take in the morning?

Cheers, Rob

Hi Rob,

Yep, a pink Ibuprofen tablet probably… Helps get you up and down the hill when the knees are wearing out…

They say in the UK now that so many of us are taking them that watercourses are becoming polluted and it is affecting the fish…

73 from a very wet Algarve, after being kept awake half the night by a noisy grasshopper or such like,


It’s just not playing cricket, is it?

[quote]watercourses are becoming polluted and it is affecting the fish[/quote]well, their knees don’t hurt, so it must be working. Right?

I’ll get my coat, Rob

Sorry it’s taken so long to reply to this one, Rick. I finally found some time to return to this theme and, after ploughing through the code, i eventually tracked down the remaining bug and zapped it. So, the script should now be working properly.


There was another feature request by Elliott K6EL a couple of days ago, who wondered whether it might be possible to show only activated, or non-activated, summits in the main SMP page. This has now been implemented - use the new Filter button to, errm, filter, the listing.


Oooooo! That’s useful.


Hello Rob,

you know the dilemma of software developers? Of course you do.
Each newly implemented feature opens a can of worms for other wishes from the users!
So what about a filter for showing only my own activated summits or not activated summits :wink:

Just joking, instead of programming better go out for a nice activation and enjoy the fine weather here in DL at the moment. :smile:

73 Stephan, DM1LE

PS: I’m aware of the technical obstacles, that there is no, or at least no easy, way for SMP to access the SOTA-database.

Stephan, I did three peaks a couple of weeks ago - you know, the Benediktenwand trio, and got just ONE VHF QSO the whole trip! It was a nice day out, but - seriously - I need an HF rig. Contesting this weekend, but I’ll pop my head out the door to get a few sunbeams from time to time. Schönes Wochenende wünsch’ ich Dir!

Servus, Rob