Disappearing activations

I have realised that activations are disappearing off the Alerts a lot sooner than they do off the old alerts. Is this deliberate? Personally I would like activations to remain visible for at least 6 hours.
Can I assume that the other feature I miss will be coming soon? That is when you click on the summit ref. it takes you to the summit info and tells you if you have chased it before. I would still like the information to include the occasions you chased the summit with frequency, mode and date. Bit much to ask?

Hi Quentin,

  1. The activations are disappearing sooner on the homepage because if it didn’t the five it does show often tend all to be in the past! However, there no reason why the full laerts list shouldn’t show activations up to 5 (or even 6) hours old like the old one. I’ll change this.

  2. Full summit info will be there eventually. And I don’t see any big problem with the extra info you are asking for.

Bit much to ask?

Keep asking! I’ll soon tell you if it gets too much!!

73, Jon

With only five forthcoming activations able to be displayed on the home page, any retention beyond the existing time parameter will display largely redundant data, possibly at the expense of imminent operations. Hence I opt for retaining the status quo - sorry Quentin.

73 de Les, G3VQO

Ok thanks Jon. Les, the reason I noticed is that Steve INK’s activation disappeared from the activation list before he had actually done the activation. I know he was late but not by much, whereas on the old Alerts even now his activation is listed. Seems better to me.
It would be great if the additional information about your previous chasing was available Jon. I’m glad its not too much to ask. Now how about this;

  1. A photo of each activator and chaser to pop up with a mouseover.
  2. An up to date propagation report for each summit.
  3. Suggested modes and frequencies for best chances of a qso from each chasers qth.
    Only kidding
    Q GW3BV

Suggestions noted!!

However, I have now changed the full Alert List to show all activations up to 6 hours old. The home page remains at all activations up to 1 hour old for reasons stated above.

Hope this meets all requirements!

73, Jon