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Dirrington Law, Southern Scotland

This was a bit of a last minute activation as I tend to look out the window in the morning to see what the weather possibly holds for the day and decide. Alerting earlier probably would have helped but I was keen to get out and try out a new pair of Zamberlain boots on something easy (give any blisters a chance to heal before the LD weekend!!).

All snaps and no narrative on this one!!



Unfortunately your signals were masked by noise on 40m SSB with only the odd word intelligible. When you moved to FT8, I looked for either your signal or someone working you, but you slipped that net too, so all in all somewhat frustrating. Another Complete still to be made at some future date.

73, Gerald

It’s a very pleasant small hill. One that I have enjoyed many times.

Sorry Gerald!!

After a couple of hours on the peak I was getting really quite cold and after faffing around with a Windows update (just want you want on a peak), and then Windows annoying habit of assigning a new USB port when you plug a device (GPS device) into a different hub port and confusing me and BktTimeSync, my desire to try FT8 40m after a slow 20m effort evaporated.

I know you are into completes and next time I’ll text you before I head out on short notice.


Hi Paul,
I saw your spot but I’m afraid it was a bit too late by the time I got my remote station working and got to your frequency on 20m SSB searching for your signals.
Nothing was heard from either you nor any of your possible chasers. Shame…

Those things you describe about the Windows update and so on, are some of the reasons why I’ll never go to a mountain relying the activation on a laptop, iPad and the like. They are often far too unreliable, so they are all I definitely don’t want to have to deal with when in the peaceful and enjoyable top of a mountain.
That’s why I’ve never tried any digital mode after an RTTY experience I had many, many years ago which struck me as extremely boring.
But, don’t get me wrong. This is just my feel and my choice while respecting and having nothing against any of you playing digi modes.



Great! It will be worth going out portable to attempt to make contact depending upon the situation on the day. I could be up north anyway, which would probably mean I would have to get within groundwave range.

Sorry to hear about the hassle with the untimely update. That will teach you to use something newer than XP. :grinning:

73, Gerald


I have a love/hate relationship with FT8 especially on a mountain top. I think I have done about 10 activations, most in US and now 2 here in UK.

One obvious realization on the last two activations is that I find myself staring too much at the laptop which to some extent defeats one of the benefits of an activation i.e. to see the view, flora and fauna around you etc. At least when operating voice I tend to look around more! I’m almost thinking of trying paper logging again when doing voice.


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Paul, When you’re operating up against those trig points, try not to lean so hard.