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DIRAGE 2017 Ham fair

The ON association will promote Summits On The Air at the DIRAGE ham fair on Monday 17 April. DIRAGE is one of the biggest radio amateur fairs in Belgium.

All SOTA participants are invited for the SOTA ‘meet & greet’ at 12h at the SOTA booth. See you there!


73, Peter ON4UP
ON Association manager

I’ll be there !
And I’ll bring my special “SOTA Umbrella & Table” to show off …
73 - Luc ON7DQ

See you Monday Luc!

I will be there too

Karel ON4FI

The SOTA stand will be at the 1st floor:

A selection of the numerous SOTA participants who visited the SOTA booth:

Thanks for the nice pictures Peter !
It was fun to finally meet some people that I only knew from the radio …
73 Luc - ON7DQ

Thanks Peter and Franz for setting up the SOTA booth, it was nice seeing some people and have some good conversations about sota.

Don’t forget Walter ON7PX to complete the ON SOTA promo team.