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Dinosaur On The Air

73 Chris


Good Job… Paul w0rw


Yes, Pedestrian mobile is still on the list of things to do.

What’s stopping me? Pulling 10m of wire behind me as a counterweight. Very unusual here in heavily populated Central Europe.
73 Chris

OK Chris,
Well i only need a 13 foot drag wire for 20M.
It is on a break-away bannana plug.
It always stays behind me, never gets in the way.
You have to stay away from people and trees.
Paul w0rw


Nice little video Chris ( interesting ) Thanks for contact Chris, it’s been a while coming.
Stay safe and well Best 73

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Good evening Chris @DL1CR. When I saw your video I thought of our last find. We were on the Hummelsberg DM/BW-845. On the way back we found this on the path.

At home we cleaned it up a bit and it looked like a fossil. I think DinosaurOnTheAir is becoming more and more popular :slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings and see you soon. Marcel DM3FAM