Digital voice stuff

There seems to be a swelling of interest in this side of things again. Just here in Macclesfield, there is a new Fusion gateway, a new club WIRES-X room, a new review of a DV HT by some bloke in a wood, and even an Openspot installed next to the broadband router here at EYP Towers.

I’m interested in rejuvenating an internet-supported “room” type thing, maybe with scheduled chat nets like we used to have via PeaNut in lockdown times. I’d like to base it in a SOTA WIRES-X room though to widen the appeal - I understand you can use PeaNut to connect into a WIRES-X room too, so those users would definitely still be included.

I am aware of two SOTA-themed WIRES-X rooms - one in JA (SOTA-Cafe 22603), and one in Virginia USA (80950). What I haven’t yet worked out is how to get into them via my Openspot - neither seem to come up in the list of rooms when I use the Openspot web interface, either set to YSF or FCS.

I think I am missing / misunderstanding something obvious here!

I also thought about creating a new SOTA WIRES-X room, but I’m not sure how to do that. I think I might need to also be the owner of a gateway or repeater to do that. I think the old SOTALINK room 49050 has gone.


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Flogging a dead horse springs to mind.


I meant constructive thoughts/suggestions. Sorry if that was unclear.

Anyway, the lockdown PeaNut nets were very popular. I think if I can establish that on a platform that is compatible with both PeaNut and Fusion, it will be well-supported again.


My ICOM radio only speaks D-Star. I believe there are obscure ways to get it to link to Fusion but I haven’t really looked at that.

I guess the simplest approach might might be using a PC. Many D-Star users do it using a program called Doozy, which doesn’t involve a radio at all.

The problem is different manufacturers have developed different largely incompatible systems. Hopefully, they may converge eventually.

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DMR already exists.


DMR TG973 fine tool here - working every day for SOTA intercommunication’s, we can hear EA, DL, F, I, SM,G etc


There are two SOTA rooms on WiresX (just re-checked).


Hi Tom,
You can still use the FCS004 reflector, and connect via a hotspot to room 73


Excellent. Yes, I think I’ve been able to do this. Trying the system now if anyone else is around to give it a go.

How do you do that please Lars ?

If you’re doing it via PeaNut Allen, just select from the drop-down list of rooms on there - I think!

Look for 073 SOTA or something like that.

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Hi Tom yes I know how to do it via peanut thanks, I just can’t do it in wires x on the 991a

I´m linked to FCS004-73 now, using Yaesu FT2D and a hotspot.

Lars I have my 991A linked to my hotspot but don’t know how to connect with the FCS004-73

Which hotspot is it Allen? On the one I’m using (Openspot), you go to on a web browser and simply select FCS (not YSF) as your reflector, and then FCS004-73 from the dropdown rooms list.

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Ah ok Tom thanks , my hotspot is one of those raspberry pi-star things

Have you accessed the Pi-Star dashboard on your PC? If so I can probably tell you how to access the room.

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Yes just done that Richard thanks

Have 2 Hotspots Richard one as DMR and the other as YSF