Digital mode unit for portable usage

I came across this device from a post and video on
It’s a display and keyboard encoder unit for RTTY, PSK and CW for portable use with an FT-817 or similar (there’s also a version for ICOM radios), so that you don’t need to take a laptop or tablet on the summit.

What is VERY interesting is the “transreceiver module” shown in the block diagram:

Adding this SDR TRX module will create a complete QRPp digital transceiver which will be very small and light.

I contacted one of the retailers (there are a lot of people selling this unit on eBay!) KJ6OWL and they said that the module is in testing but not available for sale yet. They also don’t know what the additional cost will be.

For those with an FT817 you could use the current unit and it is ready for upgrade later when the module is finished.

Interesting what is being developed at the moment!

73 Ed DD5LP.

Interesting but it’s expensive and doesn’t do much. About £120 for PSK and RTTY versus £35-80 for a Windows tablet that gives every digital mode.

Don’t you need an interface for the tablet?

Pieces of wire between mic/speaker and the soundcard ports. Vox to key the radio.

For JT modes you’ll need a better soundcard (USB + cable £1 + £1.50 normally).

The key point is size and weight - the little digital modem is very light.

I now have an update about the transceiver module, it’s expected to be available in 180 days and will cost US$199.99 - so the whole unit becomes a little expensive but there’s then no need to take the FT-817 (or whichever rig you have) along.

The unit is interesting, but it’s probably worth waiting to see what the output of the mini-SDR module will be (I don’t expect it to be more than 0.5 watts, probably less). Then it’s a decision whether US$350 is too much for a QRPp digital+CW keyboard driven transceiver.


I can tell you it is without seeing anything more.

I think it’s great people try the ideas and that people report they are available to buy because one day the gizmo with the absolutely essentially USP will appear and we all will want one.

This is isn’t it.


Old Windows phones can run Pocketdigi that can do PSK(31/63/125) RTTY CW along with Olivia Hellschreiber etc. ancient stuff.
You can find these with the cost p+p, simple audio cables and no interface.
For laptops and tablets you may need a proper interface with sound card or a good
USB soundcard that costs 30€ or more.

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