Difficult conditions in the Rhone Alps in Spring

The last week has proved very difficult in activating the higher summits, it seems that Spring is not the best time. The Winter although bonus points are available. It is easier to get to the top on ski lifts even if the roads are closed.
Several cols have been closed and as the skiers have gone its impossible.

Managed two 8 point summits yesterday but I got lucky the route up was south facing and I had a break in the clouds
Last night has seen a lot of fresh snow above 2000m making it dangerous for me at least!

Following Route Napoleon down towards Cannes but will try some lower summits on the way, weather permitting
Thanks for all the calls…

73 Kevin

In reply to G7KXZ:

Thanks very much indeed Kevin for the six summits which I heard you on this year. Yesterday was very good when you were on F/AB-352 & 312 but 40 to my ears has not been in good shape so you did well. Best to avoid danger :wink: always another time. Hope to catch you again whilst en route.
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G6TUH:
Thanks for the spots, it is difficult planning anything at the moment, I have ideas in my mind but when you try to gain access it mostly doesn’t work.
So my alerts are late, luckily the mobile telephone coverage is better than anywhere I’ve been :wink:

A long way to go yet, but my plan for higher summits is probably not going to happen…

In reply to G7KXZ:

Hi Kevin, well enjoy the trip and see what happens I suppose.

A few years ago we did a similar route (no radio) but I found when we got home that I was slightly larger than when we left - I blame the good food and wine 8)

Bye for now
Mike G6TUH