Did I miss the memo?

So I don’t log in for like a day and its changed!

Where the Spot and Alert links gone?


Did I miss something? :sleeping:

I missed it too.
It’s now two buttons to go from Spots to Alerts rather than one.
Click SW Home and then click more alerts half way down the screen.
Similarly to go from Alerts to Spots, click SW Home and then click more spots.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

Ah - forget my previous comments - I misunderstood the problem, which is that when one is in either the “full” alerts page or the “full” spots page, there’s no longer a direct link to the other one.

From the combined page at sotawatch.org acess to the “full” spots or alerts pages are the same as ever through the"more alerts" or “more spots” links, it’s purely switching between the “full” pages that is now more complex.


Doesn’t seem to be working very well on the IPhone

I’m liking the Spots/Alerts splits page… all we need now is for those activators who just turn up without alerting to start alerting! Thanks go to all those that do.

73 Phil


I vote for the return of the seperate Spots & Alerts links. I always use the page in full mode, either spots or alerts.
Other solution is of course to open both in two seperate tabs in your browser, and make them open both at startup.


I could be wrong but when you click the “more spots” link, the extended spots page does not seem to have a corresponding “less spots” (or similar) link to get back to split page.

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Stay tuned for some upgrades to all of these services over the next few months - Jon isn’t going to do too much to the old SW2 in the meantime (this example notwithstanding)

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You can either use the ‘Back’ button on your browser or the first link ‘SW Home’ in the main menu at the top of the page.

I much prefer the older version, I like to view each page separately & now its been made more clunky to use in that way, shame.


Yes it is easy to do but it was changed was the point I made.

You walk down the same path for years, seeing the things, missing the same cracks, kicking the same dandelion, jumping every time that wee dog barks, ducking under the tree branch, smiling at the same woman that is clearly out of your league, turn the same corner – and thud, a new gate. 2 seconds I’ve learned a new method. Continue and repeat.

The Creators have the power to change what they like and yes they do a great job but now I have extra movement to do on my clicky finger. :wink:

Phil, I think you could have been having the split look for a few years.

Anyway keep doing a great job chaps and I’ll keep learning new tricks. :face_with_monocle:

The only change I can see is that “Website” has been changed to “SOTA Home” on the menu line, because some newbies failed to grasp that the “SOTA Website” was different to Sotawatch. The way I use it has not changed, leaving me feeling a bit baffled about the cause of the fuss. Presumably some function that I by-passed by using the back button has gone, all I can say is that when Sotawatch 3 comes out this will probably seem trivial by comparison! :wink::smiling_imp:

Hi Brian,
My understanding of what Neil has raised is that - In the heading links bar, when you previously went to the spots or alerts pages at http://sotawatch.org/spots.php and http://sotawatch.org/alerts.php respectively, you could switch between them. Now you have to go to SW Home (sotawatch.org) where a combined list of spots and alerts is shown and then select on either “More Spots” or “More Alerts” as required.

73 Ed.

And there’s that Contact SOTA link too. :wink:

It was a good idea to include the Contact SOTA link; never too late, they say!

There is the difference, normally I don’t leave the SW Home, selecting “more spots” when needed at busy times and using the back arrow to return to normal view - and, I have to say, not paying much attention at all to alerts! I don’t run to any timetable in the mountains, so if I want to spend a half hour sitting on a rock admiring the view and listening to the skylarks I will do so, and I would hope that other activators are as relaxed!:grinning:


Count this as another vote to restore the SPOTS and ALERTS selections to the top/left bar.


I was another who missed the direct links between the spots and alerts views, but I didn’t bother raising it as it was hardly an insurmountable problem.

However, the ability to do this is now restored.

It is so restored. A bit different though but there is a link to Alerts from Spots now, haven’t tried it as yet but one would presume there is an equivalent from the Alerts page.

I think I only grumbled about as I was having a “What can I get up to?!” moments. I’m sure we’ve all had them. :joy:

Hi to all,

It is worth noting, that you have to be logged in to see the new links