Having revieved my interest in railways I have purchased a digital dictaphone.
When I was out and about with it yesterday with 32 hours playback I thought it could be used for logging contacts when out portable. Just leave it running,all you have to do is say the start time of the QSO.
perhaps this might be a better way of logging in the rain ?

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I use a cheap and nasty MP3 player. It hangs on its string around my neck under my jacket and the audio on play back is better than in real life as you cannot hear the wind howling. Both the radio and my own voice can be heard equally well.
A player similar to mine with 256mb was recently on sale in Asda for less than £5. I have seen 2 Gig ones for less than £5 on the net.
The one I have takes one AAA cell and eats batteries but I use rechargeables.
I playback on the PC via WinAmp and you have a time showing when you stop the recording add this to the start time and you have the time for your log.
I still use a waterproof notebook as well for belt and braces.


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I have purchased a digital dictaphone.

I SO want to tell the joke. :wink:

I have a small MP3 player/recorder like Steve. The only problem being my large paws and the teeny controls which makes it hard for me use.


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It’s not the big hands it’s those woolly mittens ;0)