Diamond RH-770 Replacement

Hello All,

To my disappointment, I have just discovered that the pin inside the BNC of my Diamond RH-770 has disappeared, and not being repairable, its time to replace this most useful antenna. I know that it is available under many different badges, so I thought I’d ask here before I buy one just in case I can find a good price. I have seen a popular UK radio emporium selling them for 41.95 GBP(!) - I think I gave about 18 GBP for mine round about 3 years ago. I am lacking in knowledge as to what to search for in terms of the aliases of this antenna. In case it helps, a picture of it (somewhat retracted) can be found at:


I’d be most grateful of any hints regarding “what else this antenna is sold as”, such that I can shop around.


Dave M0MYA.

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Hello Dave. The Moonraker “Super Rod” is of a similar design to the rh770:


73 Chris

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Good stuff, thanks Chris.


Dave M0MYA