DG7ACF/p correction reference#

Don’t know why, but somehow one of my self-spots was spotted reading “DM/SA-047”. I’ve never been on that summit in my whole life.

These are the correct reference# for my today’s activations (as heard on HF :wink: ):
1054 - 1150z DM/NS-001
1534 - 1605z DM/SA-005

Activation report is to follow. Think I’ll have to write it down tonight as so many things happened to me and the whole day out was great and so much fun, and so was on the radio. Tnx to all chasers.


Hello Pom,
Thanks for today and well done on the activation and keeping things in order. There is no email on your QRZ page so please email me.

But here is a sample of what you sounded like today here in the SE UK. I was using a 40M inverted V antenna - not the right antenna for 20M!- getting old :sunglasses:

Best wishes & night night.

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When I read your post I knew you uploaded “this” qso even before listening to it.
Don’t you have a friendly-sounding recording at a time when the pile up was running smoothly? :wink:

There’s an interesting AGC action on the receiver, a long hang and a sudden drop, like a Drake 2B. What receiver are you using, Mike?


Hello Andrew,
Flexradio 5000A with RX2 (Second receiver) and Flex5KA ATU set on auto.
AGC-T 90/Medium which equals -
Attack 2ms,
Hang 250ms
with Decay 250ms. Pre-amp off at time of recording.
Antenna three quarter wave inverted V cut for 40M band, resonant circa 7.125Mhz, apex about 14 metres.

What 40 looks like a few minutes ago in SE UK.