df2gn/p sota

Hi friends,

had become some e-mails with questions to my activity in sota.
think now its time to say some words here about my lack of activity in moment.

a few changes in my job and big fun in running again.
after 2 years of big activity in sota many other things become second and third place
which are number one before sota :slight_smile:

i love the running, and this year i will know it again and run two mountain marathons in summer. so the last weeks i´m in big training with a little
group of friends.
running 5 days a week about 100km per week.thats only the beginning :slight_smile:

then a change in my job, and for that i have to go to shool again.if i have luck i can study at home , but i need the time to learn the next 2 years.

but there is a possibility for me to do sota again. in moment i work at a running back in that is place for a little qrp-rig. ( my old rig from last year ). also the days comming longer and maybe before or after the trainings , there is time for a acivation on a sota-summit . i´m every second day on a few summits, but only to run there :slight_smile: so i put my sota-rucksack again in the car the next days.
but with a few changes to last year.
i do only qrp ( 5w-cw / 10w-ssb ) with longwire antennas. no taking big slabs and masts on the summits after 2 or 3 hours of running . it would be nice to have no spots in the dx-clusters.
much station comming in , who call in every pile-up but don´t collect sota´s.
i will only use low dipoles to cut out dx. only sota for the chasers , hi , and to reduce the qso-rate a little bit.
activations only at weekdays. need the sunday for time with girlfriend and looking for geocaches .hope thats ok for you !

hpe cuagn on the air again soon , looking forward to hear your sigs on the air.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Good to hear from you Klaus, glad all is well.

73’s Mike G0HIO

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Hi, Klaus, your terrific signal will be missed, but make sure you let us know before these marathons so that we can put our wishes behind you and perhaps give you a little boost in the process!


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Klaus

I have edited the email that you sent to Roy/me and it will be in the next Sota News, 1/4/08 to give your many friends the full explanation for your abscence, due also to your college/QRL.

Everyone wishes you good luck in the marathons.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

Klaus, I wish you all the best in your new job and hope you achieve your goal, both professionally and in sports.

We all know you will be back on SOTA some day and are looking forward to that.



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You are one of the most reliable stations on SOTA and your big signals are missed, but we must all find the right balance in our lives. It is easy to become involved with one thing to the exclusion of all others but it looks like you are trying hard to find your right balance. We can only hope that you will still find a little time to do SOTA and when you do you can be assured that all your freinds will endeavour to support your activations. If the band is open and we are available we will try to work you.

Best of luck with your training, both the running and the education. May it bring you ever increasing success in your work and when the time comes, for the marathons.

I look forward to the next time we hear you on the air.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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Hallo Klaus,

es freut mich, dass bei Dir alles ok ist. Hut ab vor den 100km/Woche!
Ich glaube, ich würde tot umfallen :-))

Viel Erfolg im QRL und auch für die Läufe.

Vy 73 und awdh,
Steffen DL3JPN

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Hello Klaus, I’m pleased to hear that all is well. Good luck with your endeavours and hope to hear your call again soon.
73 OM

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Hi lbr Klaus,Glad to hear all is going well for you’
You have been missed on Sota,Wishing you good luck in your new life,
and look forward to the next qso.

73 de Geoff G4CPA, AWDH.

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Klaus, I was fortunate to join SOTA at the same time as you, in January 2006, and we have had many hundreds of QSO’s during the past 2 years. I always look forward to your excellent signals.

However, life changes and the time has come for SOTA to take a back seat in order for you to concentrate on your career and first hobby of marathon running.

Your characteristic CW fist will be missed on the air, but I look forward to meeting you again from some SOTA before long.

Good Luck Klaus.


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hi klaus

many thanks for all the qso’s, always with an excellent signal klaus i rarely struggled with your station and aways giving everyone an opertunity to work you .

wishing you and family all the best for for the future klaus and every success with the marathons ( pse let us know how you get on )

73s alistair gw0vmz

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Hallo Klaus!

Gut zu hören von Dir!

Alles gute, viel erfolg beim Laufen , Lernen und bei neuen Job!

Ich hoffe, dass wir uns Zeit zu Zeit auf der Bander hören können!

                73   DX   Pista  HA5TI