Hi all,
for Info > please not wonder about no activity in Sota by me.
The next weeks i am in training for a local running event.
the black-forest marathon…
so , there is not much time for sota…sorry
make this break after a few summits :wink: and 4143 sota-qso´s in 2007

thanks all chasers

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

P.S. Maybe qrv from local summits if time allows…

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Hi Klaus,

You were a marathon runner before you became interested in SOTA so we all wish you good luck with the preparation and the race itself.

You will be all the more welcome when you return to SOTA. Enjoy the break.


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Good luck in the marathon Klaus. Just make sure you don’t get injured and can’t climb mountains :slight_smile:

73 John GW4BVE

Good luck with the marathon Klaus and enjoy your well earned sota break.

If you are only half as successful as you are as a sota activator, you will win the marathon with ease:-)

BCNU in the future.

vy 73 Mike

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Hallo Klaus!

Ich habe DF2GN/P vermisst, jetzt alles klar!

Ich wünche Dir alles gute, viel Erfolg bei mrathonrennen!

             73   DX    Pista   HA5TI

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Hi Klaus,

Well hope you have a good marathon Klaus and enjoy the SOTA rest.

Use to do the Nienhagen Runs back in the 70s,80s in the army individual and as a 10 man team 20km and 30km a day in full battle order good fitness training.

Don’t think I could do it now hi hi

PS Hope you do well Klaus.

Terry G0VWP

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Hi Klaus,
Don’t worry most of us will still be here when you get back to SOTA. I would like to wish you the best of luck with both the training and the race. My younger brother and my brother-in-law are keen marathon runners so I can appreciate the effort and dedication required. I hope you achieve all the targets you set for yourself in training and surpass what you believed was possible in the race.

I am sightly concerned by the comment “P.S. Maybe qrv from local summits if time allows…”. Just how fast are you that you can afford to stop and operate SOTA during the race? Just kidding! ;o)

Leave them in your dust.

Steve GW7AAV

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Hallo Klaus,

ich habe Dich natürlich vermisst, danke für die Msg.

Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg im Training und dann alles Gute beim Matrathon. Toi toi toi!!!

Vy 73
Fred, HB9AAQ

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Hallo Fred,
danke für deine Zeilen. Das Grundlagentraining ist beendet. Jetzt gehts nur noch an Kilometer spulen. Und das mach ich jetzt an den Wochentagen. Also ist es gut möglich das ich an den nächsten Wochenenden mal wieder sota-qrv bin. Irgendwie fehlt mir was :wink: Wollte schon dieses WE , aber im Moment hab ich ne dicke Grippe :frowning: 80m-Betrieb wirds aber im Sommer nur früh morgens und gegen Abend geben. Die letzten Aktivitäten tagsüber auf dem 80m-Band waren ziemlich erfolglos.

HPE CU from the summits

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus
The best of luck with the training and the race, many thanks for all the contacts we have made, looking forward to working you again.
Don [G0NES]

Hi all,
the run is in October


but i will do sota again next weekends,and will train for running at weekdays.
this running event is the last one for me. after this marathon i will go jogging only for my self and not against the clock. my knees makes a little bit trouble :frowning:
i think sota is also a good activity in the nature with fresh air . like to do a sota-activation, go running in that area , and do a last summit after the running. that my new sport next weeks, months…with key and mic with me :wink:

vy 73 Klaus