DF2GN/P at 17/18.may

hi all,

have a little problem,hi.
i remember my last portable-outdoor activities by normal nature-qth´s,no sotas.
i calling cq and most stations coming back with 599 , ur sota pse? :slight_smile:
then i gave , sorry no sota today,just only as qrp-portabel on air.
and so on…

at the weekend 17/18.mai i´m also qrv as df2gn/p. but this two days for a few hours qrv in the baden castle awards.then i give the reference BNN-079 :slight_smile:


hope that gives not too much missunderstandings and confusion on the bands…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Your reputation goes before you Klaus!

I had the same ‘problem’ camping in Essex last year. I was on 7MHz CW as M1EYP/P from the campsite, and everyone asked for my SOTA reference!

Although it is not really a problem; it was nice that lots of people answered my calls!

Hope to be out over the bank holiday weekend, but probably just on 2m FM.


In reply to M1EYP:
hi Tom,

yes, maybe it helps.
in the castle award you need 15 qso´s to qualify the castle ,
think in a sota activation its not a big problem on hf :slight_smile:

oh , i love hamradio, i know no other hobby that have so much
choices in doing it…

vy 73 Klaus

by the way,
tmrw on DM/BW-269 is the last QRO activation a while