DF2GN/p again...yes ! /portable!

hi friends :wink:

i try´d it out. not to use the /p at the end of my call.
and it dosen´t work it seems. much chasers log df2gn/p i
noticed by a look over the database. mhhh, you work df2gn,
you log df2gn…you work df2gn/p…you log df2gn/p :wink:
but thats ok, i understand,not so easy to change the callsign
after abt. 15000 QSO´s in the last year. thats ok !my mistake !

overall it was a nice try, but sometimes many asking if i am
portable after i call as DF2GN SOTA. mhhh, sure. i´m on a summit !
but i think often there is confusion about that and as i see the last weeks
all other european and also VK´s use the /P at the end.
SO i´m again DF2GN/p :wink: think most stations log me as df2gn/p anyway.
so for the most no big change.

SO again on the air as DF2GN/P !

by the way, thanks all chasers for call me on my last two really nice
activations. first on dm/bw-261 with a fine result on the top band 160m.
and today at morning on dm/bw-038 with a nice look to VK chasers.
condx very good, but not much chasers, maybe i going qrt to early ?!

tmrw mornig on dm/bw-147 or dm/bw-228…depends on the time i wake up :wink:
will try to get my inv.V. dipole or delta loop high as possible !
next tests are with vertical halfwave antennas from 40-10m.
top band becomes harder from week to weak in read weak sigs with plenty
of storms over europe. but i will try from time to time. and keep an
extra rx loop on sota activation is too much work and effort for me.

73 and cu on the bands…klaus

In reply to DF2GN:
Dear Klaus,
I think you made the right decision now by getting back to use /P at the end of your callsign when you are under SOTA activations.
It’s a bit confusing the fact that some stations use /P and some others don’t when activating summits.
Sometimes I have to ask some local activators on 2m FM: are you /P or not? because when you hear a well known voice you know his name, callsing and several things of him, so it’s easy not to pay so much attention to the callsign he is using at that time or he may even forget saying /P from time to time.
To me, it would be much easier having every SOTA activators with /P at the end of our callsign. All of us, with no exceptions, but of course, this is just what I’d like to have, which is usually different to what I actually have, :wink:
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

It will be great to hear you again. Missed hearing you on .
Understand the /p
Here in the states most all as a Gentlemans aggrement anytime you away from
your Stations address on our licensse most of us us the /p or /m or /AM or even /MM depends where your are at the time of operation.I log all my SOTA contacts with the /p as the station I work is NOT at home but on a summit runnig potable power… After 54 years as a Amateur Operator its hard to break old habbit.
Hope to hear you soon,
73 and Good Luck (Dow) W4DOW
Still #1 Chaser in W4V

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Hi Klaus

Update to my SOTA blog chasing you on DM/BW-228 from a local hill in VK1. The hill is known as Oakey Hill, not a SOTA qualifying summit.

Andrew, VK1NAM

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Hi, Klaus, I always put /P in the log even if I haven’t heard it used, as it helps me spot the SOTA stations in my log to put in the database!

By the way, I heard you calling CQ on CW, 1.836 MHz, about 1830 on Tuesday evening at 5/5. I’ve never really got the hang of morse code, I had to listen through your calls a few times, but you were only a little faster than I could manage. if I had a key handy I would have been tempted…perhaps another time!


Brian G8ADD

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Me opting for ssb and Brian considering cw in the same week. Must be summat funny in the water.


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In reply to G8ADD:
Me opting for ssb and Brian considering cw in the same week. Must be
summat funny in the water.

Thus the eternal balance is preserved! That must have been Lu Tze the other day, with a broom and a dayglo orange jacket (fans of Diskworld will know what I’m talking about!)


Brian G8ADD

In reply to W4DOW:
Hi Dow,

thanks for your reply. in moment i have really bad working times. often i have only time at morning hours. but work times will change from time to time and i´m sure we will have many qso´s again in future. thanks for the calls the last time.
today on dm/bw-228 i worked a few north american chasers on 20m at abt. 0700utc and then again at 1100utc. at early mornig i get a few good spots on rbn network in north america. but i think very early for cahsers and most are sleeping at this time. next 2 weeks i work again night and lateshift. after that its possible i going out again to work NA…i hope !

vy 73 and cu ! Klaus DF2GN/p

In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus, good to see you are /P again!
Thanks for the S2S on the 20m band, you were a very strong signal…

Look forward to our next s2s.

73 Mike

In reply to 2E0YYY:

Hi Mike, everytime its very nice i can hear you on 20m and call in for a s2s.
Interesting, sometimes very weak, then again very loud. Yesterday you were S9+
on my meter ! Good job…Good luck with you ufb DX work !

73 and see you again, klaus DF2GN/p