Deutschland SOTA in February 2024

Greetings from Oregon! Work travel has me going to Europe to visit our headquarters and lab in Germany, mostly likely in February. The headquarters is located in Bönnigheim, not close to summits. I will likely be flying in and our of Munich and would love to add on a day or two to the trip to get in a SOTA.

An added complication to this trip is that I will be visiting the U.A.E. for a training and radios are not allowed into the country, so I won’t be able to bring a rig and antenna with me on the trip.

Are there any Activators or clubs in Munich that would be interested in hosting/joining me for an Activation where we share a radio (yours)? Details and timing TBD. Any summit recommendations? Who should I reach out to? I appreciate the advice!

73 de Tim N7KOM


In Bönnigheim you are very close to DM/BW-212 and DM/BW-111. Both are rarely activated summits and will bring you a lot of chasers. I have published a parking option for DM/BW-212. It’s a nice walk to the summit in a nice area. DM/BW-111 is almost a drive on…

If you have any questions about summits in Baden-Württemberg, please get in touch. I have activated all of them.

73 Armin


Hi Tim,

as Armin has written, there are a few low mountains in the area of Bönnigheim and there is a fairly active group in DM/BW ( If you want to do an activation there, just get in touch through the website or send me an email/PM.
On the other hand - by looking at the map I wonder if we’re talking about the same town?

73, Roman

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Thanks for the replies DL6GCA & DL3TU. More specifically, I’ll be in Schloßsteige. Scheduling is very tentative at the moment, I’ve not booked flights yet. If I only have time for a day to travel from Munich and back, do you have any tram-ascent summit recommendations?

Thank you again.

It’s a shame - you don’t have much time!

…and it’s a shame you’re not flying via Basel / Mulhouse… otherwise we could have done a joint activation. :grinning:

I can’t think of a summit with a tram on this route.

The quickest activation on the way from Munich to Bönnigheim / Schlosssteige would perhaps be a detour to DM/BW-664. It’s not far from the highway and you don’t have to walk long…but then you still need a radio…

73 Armin

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