Details about HB/SG-017 Hinterrugg?

I plan to take a fairly large diversion on my way home from Friedrichshafen on the 26th. and put in an activation of this Swiss summit with my brother Jim G8DCD. What would help me a lot would be to know if at this summit there is any way to support a fibreglass pole for my linked or OCF dipoles or whether I am better taking my tripod mounted loaded vertical.

We intend to approach the summit from the Chässerrug summit which has a cable car to it. By all accounts if the weather is good and the skies clear, the views from up there are amazing.

Thanks for any advice - Ed DD5LP or on this summit HB9/VK2JI/P with HB9/G8DCD/P


Haven’t been up there myself, but according to the photos in Peter’s (HB9TVK) blog you will find support structures. Guess the signpost pole is not covered by snow any more at this time of the year :slight_smile:

73, Markus HB9BRJ

Hi Ed

I was there 15.Oct.2011. The signpost pole is a good support for the Sota pole.
There is plenty of space for antennas on the large summit area.
Also the avalanche protection structures are good to fix the pole.

vy 73 Hans HB9BQU

Thanks Markus, Thanks Hans,

That makes things easy (the dipoles work a LOT better than the vertical!)

73 Ed.

Hi Ed

Good choice. Hinterugg is also a popular starting point for base jumpers. As I was there last time I could watch some people jumping from this summit. It was very impressive.

I hope the weather will be better and wish you and your brother a good time on this summit.

73, Tom

Thanks Tom,
Base jumping - that’s just crazy! But will probably make for some good pictures!