Depression on the Air

Slightly off topic but being on an adventure to the fens the opportunities for SOTA are somewhat limited. On the club net it was revealed to me that there was a Trig Point at -1m (i.e. 1m Below Sea Level). Now I could sink to the lowest level of activator !

Operating in a ditch

Mrs G4VFL finds the trig !

The view with the big sky

This was a QO-100 operation, 5 QSOs before Mrs G4VFL declared it was too dark to find our way back without falling in another drain.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Only about 18 miles from me. Surprising what you learn !
Mike 2E0ESY

Glad to see I’m not the only one who goes ‘hill’-walking in a long skirt!!
Viki M6BWA

I’m surprised and impressed that any band that uses a dish would work from a hole in the ground!

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Dish is pointing at a satellite in the sky.

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I hadn’t realised there was a geostationary repeater satellite. Just been reading about it.

Does this mean that the chasers received minus 1 point for their effort?
Speaking of working satellite from a hole in the ground, I worked N7SFI on one of the FM LEO satellites when he was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona! For those who don’t know, the Grand Canyon is about 5000 feet deep, a national park in northern Arizona. Needless to say, his window to the satellite was pretty short!
John, K6YK

I had always assumed that @MM0FMF walked in his Scottish skirt?

I don’t own one even though there is a family tartan etc. You should see how much a good one costs along with all the accessories etc.

Teaching Andy to wear the kilt - shame about the handbag :rofl:


I thought it was a 5G proof sporran…

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When I saw the thread title I thought it was going to be to do with mental health!

But getting back on topic, recently I did find a couple of summits in a potential association we’re trying to develop where the col at the foot of the hill is below (well below actually) sea level! So you can have summits lower than 150m asl in a P150 association. :grinning:



How do you keep the midges out?

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By rubbing a copious amounts of a mix of Marmite and Fiery Jack all over the underneath parts.

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Awww That’s lovely

That’ll be why the poor mite is standing with his knees so far apart :flushed:

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Was a pig wearing mine in India Andy cos of the mosquitoes but even worse was kids following me about shouting “It’s Braveheart”
Best 73

You should have followed in the footsteps of the “3rd Foot and Mouth” Allen.

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On a high enough summit, you can see his lucky anvil

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