Delivery times for ELECRAFT products

as anyone ordered any elecraft products recently? How long did the delivery take?

Because I ordered a KX2, a paddle and a mic for the 2021 Christmas sale. The KX2 was delivered in May and the paddles arrived in August, but the remaining microphones have not yet arrived. In addition, one screw that holds the KX2 board is also missing.

It would be a shame to forget to place an order, so I have repeatedly asked for the delivery date of the microphone and the delivery of the screw from the help page on the homepage, but recently there has been no reply, and it seems that the customer has finally regarded me as a complainer.

However, since the payment has already been made, there should have been some kind of notification, but as I said earlier, even if I try to contact you, it is ignored and I am in trouble.

Is it taking more than a year to deliver elecraft products, especially microphones? Please let me know if you have ordered.strong text

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I believe that the supply of microphones was also affected by manufacturing concerns. Although not a reply about how long your ordered microphone will take, the link I have supplied will take you ti a page showing you how to convert a full size and a smaller microphone for use with the radio. They may be of use in the meantime.

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Elecraft has massive problems with delivery. Among other things, this has also led to Elecraft’s German representation having to close its shop.

A real pity!

73 Armin

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Elecraft encourages customers to check the Shipping Status page for estimated availability of backordered products.

The effective delivery date then depends on how long the waiting list for a certain product is.

MH3, Hand Mic for KX2/KX3

Back ordered. Vendor ETA 6 weeks from 11/30.

If the missing “Elecraft screw” prevents you from using the radio, I could send you one (photo or spec?)

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2022… it took them 5 month to deliver the kx2 and another couple of weeks for the mike….

73 Ingo

Thank you for your reply.
The built-in mic is difficult to use, so this information is helpful.
I would like to check the contents.

Thank you ARIGATO 73

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Thank you for your advice.
At the same time as posting, I got a flustered email from ELECRAFT, which had not responded for a while. They seem to check REFLECTOR.

”Please click here to check the status of microphones.”
I told you to check the page you pointed out…
I keep saying the same thing.

We will continue to remind you so that the order will not be deleted.

Thank you ARIGATO 73

Thank you for your information.
The KX2 arrived at the same time.
But the mic arrived a few weeks later…

Was that true? I have mixed feelings.
It’s a selfish imagination, but I guess they have a priority even though it’s a backorder. agency, country, race

Thank you. ARIGATO 73

I hope you find the information useful. I tend to use the smaller microphone when outdoors, as the KX2, microphone and a K6ARK antenna all fit in a Lowepro Dash AV60 II case.

I ordered a KX2 back in September. Frankly forgot all about it as I fully understand overseas supply and labor issues. Received an email from Elecraft a few weeks ago. KX2 arrived late last week. About 13 weeks if I use my fingers and toes to count.


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Thank you for your further information.
Smaller is more convenient.

Thank you

Thank you for your valuable information.
My fingers and toes are not enough, so my wife’s fingers and toes are still not enough.

Elecraft’s lies have finally come to light.
I am sorry for your surprise and betrayal.

Yaesu and ICOM in Japan cannot lie like this.
I want to sell KX2 and replace it with IC705.

Thank you. arigato 73


Extreme lightweight microphone The World's Lightest Ham Radio Microphone For A Few Dollars In Parts? - YouTube

I didn’t go that extreme but I have used a splitter and the microphone / earphone arrangement from an old phone.

Hope it is useful. Paul


Dear Paul

Thank you for your information.
I am going to use it as an example.

Thank you SOTA members for your kindness!
arigato 73

However, all was ok. Won’t like to miss the KX2 during SOTA activations.
The IC-705 is a nice rig. But lacking here 60m and the ATU. And much more heavy…
But a nice one for digital modes…



Mr. Ingo

Letting go of the KX2.
My activation is HF as well as V/U.
So being integrated is very convenient.
And since KX2 uses BYP, ATU is the last stronghold.
60m is not activated because the wavelength is too long.

As you pointed out, the IC705 is heavier than the KX2, but I think it’s visually and functionally superior. It’s a good receiver, not just digital.
Yaesu FT818 will be discontinued, so it will be a replacement.

Thank you for your advice. 73


My AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) has a “dit-dah” clock in his exam room I asked him about it when i became a ham <3 years ago. He was a ham-no longer active but wanted to be. I see him every 6 months and last time I came in I showed him my SOT A rigs SW3B and MTR4Bv2

Yesterday I did my exam and he shows me a new in box KX2 with all the bells and whistles. He’s so busy he hasn’t used it yet! I told him I’ll take it off your hands, he replied…. not a chance!


Thank you very much for your valuable talk.
I am not denying the KX2 by any means.
On the contrary, I found it to be a wonderful radio after using it.

However, no matter how good the radio is, if you go through a bad experience and get it, can you pour your love into it?
My current state of mind is “no”.

I am very attached to the Yaesu FT817 and cherish it. I’ve never had a chipped or broken screw holding the board in place. I think the FT817 is a treasure of Japanese products. I can’t imagine letting go in the future.
That’s what I mean.

Thank you 73 ARIGATO


Aren’t we privileged to own several radios from different manufacturers - and to be allowed to think, speak and write about them individually?
So keep having fun.

Heinz (Norcal/Wilderness Radio and Elecraft biased…)


You’re right.
I got a little emotional.