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Deleting Invalid Activations.

The following activations were found to be invalid under the rules of SOTA, and both activations and chases are being removed from the database.

W5N/PW-019 May 29, 2022
W5N/PW-020 May 29, 2022
W5N/PW-032 May 30, 2022
W5N/SG-006 May 27, 2022
W5N/SS-035 May 31, 2022
W5N/OT-008 July 3, 2021

We sympathise with those chasers who have lost points but invalid activations cannot be allowed to stand. Please do not attempt to re-enter these activations, as that would irritate the Guardians of the Database!


These activations, chases and S2S qsos have been deleted.

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