Deleted summit page display

Is it possible to view the summit information page for deleted summits?

I couldn’t find a link or index page anywhere and pulling up a summit page and then editing the URL to change the summit gives me a page with a web header and footer but no information. e.g. SOTA Summits

Colin try 73

Use the database Luke!

That gets me a bit further but the Extra Info: [View] link still takes me to the blank page with a “Loading…” message. So it looks like the force^Wdatabase is currently broken.

And the Map: link takes you to SotaMaps which also doesn’t show the deleted summit

OK, the data for all the summits is held in the database ( and all the other websites query the database for the information to display.

The summits pages have only ever displayed data for valid summits.

So go to the database and see what it holds.

e.g. LD-002 (deliberately short ref to stop an auto link being created and people clicking it and getting nothing)
Scafell was deleted a few days after SOTA started because it’s not P150.

The database contains all the knowledge for LD-002, SOTA Database and it shows the info for the summit (height, locator etc.) and points and start/end date along with all the activation history. There is none as it was removed from the program 4 days after SOTA started.

West Cairn Hill SS-138 was in the program for longer and its database page SOTA Database shows not only the summit info but all the activation history.

Everything… EVERYTHING we know about a summit is in the database. But only the database web site shows info about deleted summits. AFAIK all the other sites will not show info about deleted summits although will show deleted summits you have activated on its map ( I thinkyou have to tell it to do that).

Maybe you could explain what you are trying to do so that help can guide you specifically ?

I’d like to see the “Resources” section of the page for a deleted summit. This is useful for activating a summit that has been moved a small distance because parking, access and route information is still often relevant.

On SOTLAS Map - SOTLAS you can tick Inactive summits in the Map options (icon in the top left corner).

73, Sylvia

Yes, BUT - the point is that the main SOTA database offers the option to show the information but it’s BROKEN!

I guess “Define broken”

All the info can be found on

Including links to articles, statistics and GPS track and so on

And searching on in the “Find Summit” feature also takes you there:
SOTA Database

The decision to not show the summitinfo I guess was taken to prevent confusion.

It’s not the main SOTA database but the summits site, entirely different site. The giveaway being a different URL never mind design style.

The summits site is not broken, it doesn’t display anything to do with summits no longer valid by design.

Well something is broken.

The page at Sotadata3
has two links which do not give the information they purport to ( Extra Info and Summit Map).


I have understood that it looks funny when the page says „Loading…“ but doesn‘t load anything for deleted summits. You‘re probably going to wait for a result that won‘t be displayed. My personal decision was not to wait any longer.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hi Colin,

Try this now. I’ve had to modify the API to be a bit more accommodating of summits that are deleted, and it now returns a valid/not valid flag in the response from the server. I’ve also updated the summits site to show a banner that makes it clear the summit is no longer valid. That should give you access to the resources now.


Andrew, thanks very much that now works.

I did some experimenting and discovered a couple of minor oddities/bugs/annoyances

The ‘Summit Search’ on still can’t find a deleted summit by reference or name. Searching for G/DC-004 gets " Your search for G/DC-004 returned 0 summits."

When you click the “Summit Map” link after doing a database search it takes you to the mapping system page for the Association and region but the deleted summit is not in the list or on the map, maybe it needs an option added to the “Display” options drop down menu.

Finally, most places on the site, hitting the enter key works as an alternative to using the button, except on Sotadata3 where it does nothing until you click the Find button (which I keep forgetting because Enter works everywhere else).

These are all minor things, just annoying. Once again, thanks for the quick fix to the main problem.

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Tab key moves between fields in most of the dropdowns/dialogs. It certainly works on the find summit box.

It has always been the design that the sites don’t return retired summits by default. Listings of summits on the database, searching on the summits site etc. have never returned retired summits. It has always been possible to enter a reference directly on the database and find data on summits.

These retired summits do not appear in the lists normally. There is a very good reason for this. People do not read the pages accurately and fail to see warnings whether red or flashing or with graphics or designed to trigger a response in 10% of males with some form of colour blindness. That results in people activating retired summits and then there are lots of mails/posts to the MT that summits cannot be logged or spotted etc. Although in this case your reason for looking up old summit info is different.

Thanks Andrew

Just one particular question to this LD-004 case here: had seen that this summit was valid until 2017. A M1 station had managed to enter an activation in 2020 for this summit indeed. How was it possible then to upload a log? I see: 0 points, so OK in general. But I‘d have thought that even the try for an upload should have been blocked. Or has this summit been retired/revoked several times?

Not important but looks interesting. :wink:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

It looks like a regression has occurred at some point Markus. It’s been spotted and is being looked at. Once the cause is found and fixed the logs will be scanned and errant entries removed. I’ve already started on that script but it’s quite large as it will have to linearly search through nearly 4.5 million chase contacts and 380000 activations to find anything for a retired summit. Depending on when the regression happened, the task may be a lot smaller, maybe only the last 6montsh of logs need to be checked for example.

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I have a fix in the API for this, but I will defer the change to tomorrow as I don’t like pushing things to production at 10:30pm :slight_smile:


This is now live.