Delete alert

this Morning i gave in a alert with wrong reference. It was not possible to delete it.
I had give in another one with the right one. But these solution can make some mistakes. What is to do.

Hello Paul,
If you are logged, you should found “edit” next to your first alert.
Then found the button “Delete”. In case you cannot delete, may be you can “edit” and change the REF.

Hi Paul,
If you submitted the spot via SMS you cannot change or delete it.The best thing to do is to re-spot with the correct information, as you did.


How did you enter the alert?
How did you try to delete it?

Tnx Ed, Andy and Gerald,
I submiited it with tablet, locked in, go in the Web-Site to Sota watch and alerts, new
alerts and send. On the the same way, i tried it to cancel. But it isnt possible.
In this Moment i tried it with my “normal pc” with the same Result.

Your tablet will be autocompleting the login with different details to when you log in with normal PC. Probably, the tablet has appended a space to your username. Result: you probably have 2 SOTAwatch accounts and are unaware of this.

The fact SOTAwatch accepts whitespace in a username is a known bug and is a WONT FIX because SOTAwatch is being replaced.

ok, Andy thats the solution. I tried again with my pc and now
is the normal produce open.
Tnx, best 73

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