Delayed self spots today

Sorry for any confusion today caused by delay to my self spots for todays activation G3RDQ/P on G/SE-001.
At about 1103 I sent a self spot for 5.3985mhz SSB.
This appeared 1 hour 9 minutes later at 1312.
Perhaps this is why I had no chasers on this band.
At about 1126 I sent a self spot for 10.118 CW .
This appeared 43 minutes later at 1309.
Both spots appeared after I had left site…
Don’t know why I had a problem today as I find that my self spots normally work quickly and as such are very useful.
Many thanks to all callers today and to DL3HXX for the spot he sent at 1136 .

David G3RDQ.

It always annoys me when this happens. It could have been a delay anywhere but I checked as soon as I saw this. I sent a self-spot from my phone (Three network) using Droidspot. Droidspot fires the phone vibration to let you know the message is being sent. My phone was still vibrating when I saw the message arrive at the spotter. So that was <1sec from Scotland to California to Iceland. Plus another second to get to SOTAwatch.

Probably just one of those things that happens now and then.

So that’s why I couldn’t hear you for that s2s when the spot appeared…:frowning:

I thought it was just band conditions as the sky was broken today. Better luck next time David

73 Allan GW4VPX

I twisted my knee running upstairs to the shack!

As you say just one of those things that happens from time to time.
Just thought I needed to explain to my chasers why I was not there when the spots appeared.
Many thanks for your system checks.

I was hoping that you would arrive on summit early and I could catch you on 5mhz SSB before moving on to CW. I self spotted and called on 5mhz for about 10 mins to no avail. Hope for better luck next time.

Sorry to hear about the twisted knee, best stay in the shack from now on !
Hope it is better soon.

David G3RDQ

T’was only a jest, but I was gardening outside, spotted the spot on my phone and dashed inside, only to be sadly let down!