Decathlon fishingpole support

I’ve found a solution to put more force on the ground spike, when preparing for an activation on a restricted summit, without “destroying” the whole system… Easy and cheap!

73, ON4ROB


Do you have good method of lifting it out of the ground?

73 Marek

Good question! Let’s think about it. Maybe with this? I’ll give it a try in EA8 in january!

73, ON4ROB

Recently I also had trouble getting the spike deep enough into the ground. I then turned the cup clockwise with slight pressure.
Without my Leatherman I wouldn’t have been able to unscrew the spike. :sweat_smile:

73 Armin

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Which EA8 island? From recollection you will have problems driving a spike into Lanzarote and Fuerteventura summits as all the ones I visited had only a cm or so of top soil or were exposed lava. I ended up lashing the mast to trig points or using bigger lumps of laval to support the ends of guys. Gran Canaria however I think has more soil and I think I could get some tent pegs a few cms in the ground. But I can’t remember the details. I’ve not yet been to Tenerife so I don’t know but there are others who can advise.


It’s Lanzarote, definitely, sometimes hard vulcanic soil… But with some “pressure” and the help of stones, I mostly succeded to install my End fed antenna in slooper configuration. So “with the help of” I hope it will be a bit easier (and without damage).

For me, still 6 summits to go (from 27 - 4 summits). Why minus 4? It was untill now, hopeless to get a permission from “The Cabildo de Lanzarote” for the activation of EA8/LA-009, EA8/LA-022, EA8/LA-024 and EA8/LA-025. Why: nature reserves… I’ve tried 3 times, in a perfect Spanish request. No answer… To find a boat for the “approuch” of 022, 024 and 025? No problem.

73, ON4ROB

LA-009 is the undisturbed site of the last big eruption. ISTR the ground is still hot in places.

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