Death Defying SOTA Activation of Guajara (EA8/TF-002)

I’ve finally got around to writing up my first activation of Guajara on the island of Tenerife. You can read the activation report and see pictures here:

I also made a video of how not to ascend this mountain and of course the live QSO’s:

Thanks to all the chasers,
James EA8/M0JCQ/P


Once again a rather good report.
Thanks again.


Excellent report James.

There had to be a better route. When Charles Piazzi Smyth made his astronomical expedition to Tenerife in 1856 he equiped the summit as a full observatory. But then he did have the benefit of mules.

73, Simon

Sendero 4 definitely,…
We saw some people following 31 last Nov and wondered the difficulty…
Nice pics and report
73 Angel

Hi James,

Me and my dad Tom M1EYP activated this summit today and the did the long route rather than the dangerous route. We could not find the visitors book in the summit cairn. Where in the summit cairn did you find the visitors book?

Jimmy EA8/M0HGY

Hehe - I saw your spot come up yesterday from EA8/TF-002 and it did bring back some memories :smile:

The visitors book was contained within a brown/bronze metal box within the cairn. It was easy to find last time as large groups of walkers were clambering to sign it :smile:

Glad to hear you took the sensible route, it’s a really nice walk and a nice summit.

Not sure if you’ve tried EA8/TF-001 yet but if that’s still to come I wish you good luck. I missed out on this as the summit was closed due to ice/snow and high winds, despite my permit being in good shape :blush:

James M0JCQ

Hi James.

We activated El Teide EA8/TF-001 last Monday.

We could not find a brown/bronze mental box within the cairn and I not not see anybody else yesterday sign any visitors book. Was the box inside the shelter?

Jimmy EA8/M0HGY